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Anthony Shively earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in both Anthropology and Sociology from the College of Idaho and graduated from Concordia University School of Law.

Anthony speaks Spanish fluently and has been a member of Litster Frost Injury Lawyers for many years, having worked as a case manager, paralegal and an attorney.   Anthony has successfully represented hundreds of workers’ compensation clients and has a background in family law as well as personal injury accident law.  He is an active member of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the Idaho State Bar and the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association.

His past legal career also included serving a number of personal injury law firms in Idaho and Utah as a Pre-Litigation Manager, Paralegal, Spanish Translator, Case Manager, and Negotiator. Dan is an active member of the Idaho State Bar. His personal interests include camping, hiking, and fishing. He also enjoys being involved with youth sports and school activities with his three children and wife.

Anthony Shively

Personal Injury Attorney


College of Idaho | Caldwell, Idaho

BA in Anthropology & BA in Sociology

Concordia University, School of Law | Boise, Idaho



professional associations





Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In most states, Idaho included, the law mandates the employers to have workers’ compensation coverage for the benefit of their workers. Every year, victims of workplace injuries file millions of claims against the employers’ insurance in an attempt to seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress. Some victims are lucky enough to complete the process with little hassle, whereas others are not so lucky.

In some cases, employers and their insurance carriers will deny or dispute legitimate workers’ compensation claims. In addition, third parties whose actions resulted in the workplace injury incident might also be held liable. 

If you need help filing your workers’ compensation claim, contact an experienced Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer at Litster Frost Injury Attorneys. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you explore your legal options and negotiate a maximum settlement or recovery.

How Can An Idaho Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help?

Unfortunately, your employer’s insurance company may not treat you fairly during your workers’ compensation claim. You may encounter various constraints, such as delayed payment, denied claims, or requests for excessive amounts of proof. Your employer might also make it more challenging than necessary for you to achieve fair compensation by refusing to investigate your claim or fail to submit your case on time. In such situations, the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Litster Frost Injury Lawyers can help you seek justice and protect your interests and rights.

When you hire an experienced attorney, you have someone on your side. Your lawyer cannot allow anyone to take advantage of you during your fight for full and fair workers’ compensation benefits. The attorney will advocate for you, aggressively negotiating for reasonable compensation according to the severity of your injuries and associated losses.

In most cases, an attorney will be able to secure you a better compensatory award than you could have attained by yourself. If settlement negotiations fail to attain the desired outcome, the personal injury attorneys at Litster Frost Injury lawyers can proceed to court. They will handle everything — from drafting the paperwork to interacting with the defense attorney — until you obtain maximum compensation.

Contact Litster Frost Injury Lawyers

A work-related accident can be confusing, painful, and emotional. If you or someone you know has been injured while on duty, it’s important to do everything necessary to protect yourself, including seeking medical attention and speaking with an experienced Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer for expert legal advice and assistance.

Workers’ compensation benefits exist to help those who have sustained work-related injuries recover. However, the process can be lengthy and complex. One slight mistake can cause claim denial or treatment denial, and you may require legal assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney.

At Litster Frost Injury Attorneys, the personal injury lawyers are friendly and maintain genuine transparency with all of their clients. They will help you understand your rights and determine what legal options to explore to attain maximum compensation. If an insurance company is denying your workers’ compensation claim, schedule a consultation by contacting the Law Offices of Litster Frost Injury Attorneys at (208) 333-3333 or fill out your case evaluation form today.