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An Ultimate Guide on What To Do After a Car Accident Not Your Fault

An injury-causing accident brings a string of problems. For instance, you have to think about the medical expenses, auto repairs, and seek therapy sessions to deal with the trauma. It is even likely that you will have to refrain from any work which can reduce your income. All these woes need compensation from the at-fault driver.

Have a clear work plan on how to start a legal process that you will win. If the at-fault driver is cooperative, you can permanently settle the matter out of court and get your compensation. As you do all this, there is a need to find a lawyer who will guide you on the whole process. Such lawyers will advise you on what to do in seeking justice.

Documentation of Evidence

It is necessary to make your side of the story capture everything which happened at the accident and afterward. Have accurate records. One of the crucial pieces of information you could use is the one in the medical reports.

A doctor will be comprehensive in describing the injuries inflicted on you from the accident. As you look for evidence, think about the witnesses who may be crucial during the legal process.

Know the Statutes of Limitation

As you fight for your compensation, it is elemental to know about the state laws on the statutes of limitation. In Idaho State, the limit is at two years. Filing the lawsuit after this period ends cannot be beneficial. Your lawyer will guide you on acting quickly, as the sooner you solve things, the better. The benefits include;

  • It is easy to reach out to witnesses
  • Minimal interference with the evidence
  • Fresh memories of everything

However, the first thing is always to look for medical treatments. As soon as you get on your feet, speak to the Idaho Car Accident Lawyers. Reliable attorneys will be not only quick but also accurate so that everything runs smoothly.

Notify Your Insurance Company

One thing to never hesitate on is to inform your insurance company of the accident. Speak to the insurance representative or agent soon and provide the necessary information. Being in the company of your auto accident advocate is a great idea.

What is essential is making your details accurate as the insurance companies can use any inaccurate information against you. It can compromise the total compensation amount.

Accurate Calculation of Expenses

Since the accident, there have been many things you went through, most of them draining your pocket. When engaging in the settlements, ensure that there is a total capturing of every expenditure you incur.

You have to include the reduced income as you are no longer working. Also, remember your PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) therapies and the expenses revolving around the car repairs. It helps in making the total compensation fair.

After an accident, you are not the cause, and the best thing is seeking justice through a lawsuit. The at-fault driver needs to compensate you for the expenses since the crash. There are things to consider along the way, such as proper evidence documentation and considering the statutes of limitation. Having a car accident lawyer with you all along will make things much more seamless.

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