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Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries Result in Amputations, MRSA infections and Other Serious Injuries

No one expects to go into the hospital for surgery and end up:

  • Having a limb amputated
  • Getting a deadly infection that cannot be cured
  • Death

That’s exactly what has happened to hundreds of unsuspecting patients, and here’s how it happens. Unbeknownst to the patient, who went in for joint replacement surgery, the hospital was using a dangerous device called a Bair Hugger Warming Blanket made by 3M. It was originally designed to help keep a person’s body warm during surgery. 

The doctor who invented this device, Dr. Scott D. Augustine, said that hospitals should immediately stop using it because it causes deadly infections resulting in amputation and death.

180 million Bair Huggers have been used, and many created a BACTERIAL STEW in OPEN WOUNDS during surgery

The way that this happens is that this surgical blanket pulls bacteria and viruses from the hospital floor so they spew into the patient’s open wound. These are some of the nastiest infections known to man. What makes them so deadly is that they are resistant to the strongest antibiotics available.

Some of these infections can be flesh-eating and deadly. Some of the victims are so horribly disfigured, these infections have been called zombie flesh-eaters.

The company that makes these Bair Hugger Warming Blankets, 3M, continues to sell and promote these dangerous devices. Dr. Scott D. Augustine, who invented the device, insists that the company continues to endanger the health and life of thousands of patients.

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You were probably never told that a warming blanket was used during your surgery because you were unconscious. And you were almost positively never told that your infection was caused by the dangerous warming blanket used during your surgery.

Our national team of trial lawyers has seen tremendous success in representing victims just like you. We have the resources and experience you need to take on 3M, the Bair Hugger Warming Blanket manufacturer. We hold these medical device companies accountable for their negligence. Our team has collected hundreds of millions of dollars for clients just like you.

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