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Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident that was not your fault? Knowing your rights and responsibilities can help bring justice to your suffering, and monetary compensation for your pain. The legal team at Litster Frost can help you obtain compensation for damages to yourself and those you love. You can also help avoid future calamity by understanding some of the causes and conditions most common in road accidents.

Auto Accident Claim Attorney

Auto accidents can be life-changing. An automobile accident comes with a host of questions. Who is at fault? Who will pay for your medical bills and car damage? Can the insurance company reimburse me for lost wages?  If your loved one sustains a critical injury or is killed by a car accident, how will you get your life back together and get at peace? 

One of the steps that have often proved helpful is contacting a reputable auto accident lawyer. At Litster Frost, ourIdaho Personal Injury Lawyer  burden and have great experience to guarantee you receive the full compensation you warrant.

Conditions for Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

  • Road hazards, construction, or defects – This is one of the most dangerous road conditions of all. Merging traffic, unfamiliar lane movement, and changing traffic flow can confuse drivers especially at night.
  • Driver negligence during lane change – Blind spots and constantly moving traffic is hazardous during lane changes. Check and double-check for other traffic around you before you change lanes. Pay special attention to motorcyclists; they are often difficult to see. Look again before you move over!
  • Drivers tailgating motorcyclists – Motorbikes can stop much more quickly than automobiles; this can cause a major accident if the cyclist hits his or her brakes. Most people are not thinking about the traffic behind them. It is up to you to be cautious when following cars or motorcycles.
  • Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol – Anything which impairs judgment can be detrimental to traffic flow. Many people are forced to live each day on some sort of medication. Often, the only warning on the label is a caution for drivers, and many of those people do not realize they may misjudging the road conditions and traffic around them. If you believe a fellow driver is driving erratically under the influence of alcohol or drugs, call an officer and report the danger. You can avoid many automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents by staying alert.
  • Failure to heed red or caution lights – Before crossing any intersection on a green light, quickly survey the opposite traffic. There may be a stray vehicle that did not observe the traffic light.
  • Speeding Faster than Posted Limits – Motorists who drive too fast for road conditions or traffic are a hazard to others. Be careful not to be one of those people who think they are entitled to drive faster than the law allows. Slowing down to the speed limit can save a life.
  • Simple Negligence – Sometimes people are distracted by children, animals, music, cell phones, or sunlight. While their absent-mindedness can result in pain and suffering for you or those you love, you can help avoid some accidents by paying attention to those around you.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a vehicle accident, be sure to call Litster Frost as soon as possible. We can help you make sure you do not jeopardize your legal rights to overall justice and relief from as much pain, suffering, and anxiety as possible.  There is no need for you to suffer without compensation. We can help you explore all legal options related to automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.

The financial and emotional burden of an auto accident is a serious matter. Even a slow-speed fender bender can cost you days out of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Add to that medical costs for your injuries and the costs begin to scale exponentially as you cope with medical bills, lost wages, and maybe even a long-term disability. If you weren’t responsible for causing the accident, these costs should not be yours to pay.

Litster Frost Injury Lawyers helps people who were injured in auto accidents recover from the insurance companies and the at-fault driver. While your insurance company might save money by pushing you towards a fast settlement, we have only your best interests in mind. We’re so confident that we can help you that we won’t charge you a penny unless you recover. Whether you need help getting the auto accident claim process started or need someone to review an insurance settlement offer, we’re here for you. Call us now at (208) 333-3333 to find out what your case might be worth.

What Are The Expenses Associated With Auto Accidents?

After a loved one sustains an injury or passes away as a result of a car accident, you might end up struggling with long-term or short-term expenses and damages, including: 

  •    Burial and funeral expenses, depending on the type of burial, and the costs can accumulate to thousands of dollars.
  •   Emotional suffering and pain. Engagement in an auto car accident for your loved one affects every area of your life, including your ability to participate in your daily activities. The pain you experience can make you vulnerable to various psychological, physical, social, or financial problems.
  •   Loss of financial resources. If you depend on health insurance, salary, and other financial benefits from the person, the loss of such support could place significant stress on you and your family.
  •   Medical bills. After a fatal car accident, the cost of medications, hospitalization, and surgeries can be overwhelming.
  •   Loss of companionship. The immediate absence of a loved one either admitted to the hospital or has passed away is devastating. The deprivation of care and companionship can be damaging to your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

What You Can Receive Compensation For After An Auto Accident

Full compensation means you have the right to recover for every expense caused directly or indirectly by an auto accident. These expenses include the following:

  • Ambulance bills
  • Immediate medical care
  • Follow-up care
  • Long-term rehabilitation or in-patient care even if not covered by health insurance
  • Lost wages if you miss work or suffer a long-term or permanent disability that prevents you from earning the same salary as you did before the accident
  • Property damage to your vehicle and its contents

Insurance companies often offer a fast settlement in exchange for you waiving your right to pursue any other claims. These settlement offers are routinely far lower than full compensation especially if you’ve suffered serious injuries. Don’t cash any checks or sign any documents until you fully understand your rights and what you may be giving up by doing so.

Your Rights To Collect From The Insurance Company

Insurance is a simple concept in theory. You pay your premiums and, in exchange, you get reimbursed if you’re in an accident. Unfortunately, in practice, it’s not always so straightforward. Insurance companies want to increase their profits, and paying out claims, of course, decreases their profits. This can lead to them unfairly denying claims or requiring an unreasonable burden of proof before they’ll pay on a claim.

The only limit that should apply is the policy limit. If you’ve suffered additional damages that should be covered by the policy and either your own insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company are willing to pay, you have the right to reject their settlement offer, request full compensation, and take them to court if necessary.

Your Rights To Additional Compensation

Given modern healthcare costs, auto insurance frequently isn’t enough to cover treatment for serious injuries or any accompanying lost wages. If your claim is above the other driver’s insurance policy limits or your own policy limits, you still have the right to make it. You’ll just have to recover the remainder directly from the other driver.

Sources you may be able to recover from include:

  • Their umbrella or homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Their cash savings
  • Their investments or other financial assets
  • Their home or other real property
  • Garnishment of their wages
  • A judgment against their future earnings or windfalls

Even though some people feel bad about this process, remember that the only point is to make you whole for your injuries as if their negligent driving had never caused an accident in the first place.

How an Auto Accident Claim Functions

Auto accidents, either by a car, motorcycle, or bicycle resulting from negligence, road hazards, speeding, and more, can cause serious injuries. After an auto accident, it is essential to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Remember that 3 years is the average statute of limitations for most states. After 3 years, your insurance policy may not cover you.

The insurance company often sends you a negotiable compensation offer, and you have the right to reject it. If you fail to reach an agreement with the insurance company, you can file a civil court lawsuit. The process is time-sensitive and can be complicated. To avoid getting intimidated by the lawyers representing the insurance company, you should hire an auto accident injury lawyer to pursue justice on your behalf.

Auto Accident Claim Process

After an auto accident, it’s important to notify your insurance company as quickly as possible. There is usually a statute of limitations or a time limit after which they will not pay on your policy or help you with the other driver’s insurance company.

Ideally, the insurance company or the other driver would simply reimburse you if you gave them your bills. Of course, this rarely happens except in very minor accidents.

Instead, the insurance company will usually send you a settlement offer. Regardless of what they tell you, this is negotiable and you have the right to refuse it. It may be possible to reach an agreement, especially if your lawyer is helping you to pressure them, but the larger your claim, the more likely it is you won’t reach a fair agreement.

If the insurance company won’t fairly compensate you or you need to recover amounts above the policy limits from the other driver, you’ll need to file a lawsuit in civil court. This is a time-sensitive process both because of the statute of limitations and because it’s usually harder to obtain evidence the longer you wait. Therefore, you should be preparing for the possibility of the lawsuit even if you’re still negotiating.

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For advice on how to start the auto accident claim process or to have an attorney guide you through the process, contact our firm. Even your own insurance company benefits from you not being fully compensated. Your lawyer is the only one you can count on to have only your interests in mind. We aggressively pursue all claims to the fullest extent of the law and don’t take a fee unless you recover. Start the process now by scheduling a free consultation.

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Auto accidents result from a variety of causes. Some involve drivers who get distracted by their smartphones, while some are involved in drugs and alcohol. Other causes include speeding drivers, running red lights, and engaging in other dangerous and illegal behavior. Fatal car accidents may sometimes result from mechanical problems. 

Our Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer is experienced in analyzing a vehicle collision and determining who is at fault. They will help you understand what occurred during the accident and your best option in the aftermath.

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