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Beware! Dog Bites Are Against the Law

If you are a victim of a dog who bites, there are some things you should know. First, that nice little dog next door may not have ever taken a hunk of flesh out anyone before now, but when you walked down the street in front of his house, he felt threatened. That was not your fault, but he did not know that you had the right to walk on a public sidewalk. As you limp home, you may be wondering if you will ever walk normal again. After you tend to your leg, which should include an updated Tetanus shot, the owner needs to know that you were attacked. He or she is liable for damage to your property or bodily harm.

The Laws Regarding Dogs

The law requires that the dog has a current city license, is up-to-date on vaccinations, and is on a leash or inside a fence.


Some dogs do not waste time on legs; they go straight for throats or faces. While this is the nature of territorial animals, this can cause serious and long-lasting consequences for those who are bitten.

Who Pays for Medical Bills?

The dog owner should have homeowner or renter insurance that will cover your injury if you need to see a medical professional. If the dog belongs to Aunt Betty, you may to need to kindly mention that you do not intend to sue her, but having a lawyer is helpful to avoid the headaches involved with resistant claims managers. Some dog owners would rather pay out of pocket than file a claim. Your attorney can help you make sure this is the best course of action. He or she can also ensure you get as much as possible without the insurance company keeping as much as they can and leaving you with little or no compensation for your pain and suffering.

Work Loss

Your attorney will get official copies of documents to prove lost income. These documents are important evidence on related points such as causation, work reviews, and fringe benefits. Future earning capability is also a serious consideration. Proving earning capacity loss is a specialized topic among attorneys, and completely beyond the comprehension of common accident victims. An experienced attorney can help you receive this, often the largest portion of a settlement.

More Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Dog Bites

Retaining a lawyer as soon as possible after an incident enables them to investigate and get a clearer picture of what happened. Insurance companies know that attorneys are experienced at compiling all necessary data for a lawsuit and will often make reasonable settlement offers when they know you have a professional on your side.

Also, attorneys will often use their own money for private investigations, gathering medical evidence and billings, photographers, and summarizing medical evidence. In addition, they know how to deal effectively with third parties claims against the settlement, including medical bills, and other expenses you have accrued with the incident.