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If you have been discriminated against because of your age (over 40), disability, gender, race, religion, or because of a pregnancy, you may have a case. You have the right to not be given the same opportunities as your colleagues and to not be treated differently. Discrimination can also occur in the form of harassment in the workplace by a supervisor or coworker. Remember, if it is happening to you, it is more than likely happening to others. Don’t guess—be sure, and give us a call. One example of discrimination that women should be particularly aware of is pregnancy discrimination. It is illegal for an employer to fire you or treat you differently because of pregnancy or a condition relating to your pregnancy.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, and the harassment can come in many forms, such as: unwanted sexual advances, sexual jokes/banter, requests for sexual favors, or other unwanted physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature from anyone including supervisors. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature which reasonably interferes with the performance of a person’s job or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.”

Wrongful Termination

Idaho is an “at-will” employment state, which means an employee can be fired at any time for any reason, or in some cases for no reason at all. There are exceptions, however. You may not be fired because of any form of discrimination including age (over 40), color, race, sex, pregnancy, disability, or citizenship status. You also may not be fired for making a complaint or “whistleblowing” against anyone in your workplace. Furthermore, it is illegal to fire anyone who takes off work for certain civic or personal obligations such as: military leave, jury duty, or Family and Medical Leave (FMLA). If you think you have been the victim to any of these wrongful terminations, give us a call and discuss the facts of your case with us. We are here to help.

* While these are not the only violations, these are very common.

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You should always call a lawyer as soon as you possibly can when you think you have a case. In certain instances, you have a very finite amount of time to file your complaint. Once that time has passed, there is nothing anyone can do for you.


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Our Employment Law team is licensed in all state and federal courts in the states of Utah and Idaho, meaning he can give you expert legal advice on any case that occurred inside the boundaries of Idaho or Utah.

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In Idaho, employers may be held liable for their employees’ actions. This principle of vicarious liability can apply even in cases of sexual harassment or discrimination.


If the evidence shows that your employer did not try to prevent or correct the situation, you may have a case. And even more so if the employee’s actions were connected to work in a significant way.