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In a Chain Reaction Car Accident Who’s At Fault?

In every accident, there ought to be an accurate determination of the party responsible for causing it in the first place. In a road carnage involving two vehicles, it becomes easier to determine the liable driver than when the crash involves several cars. The investigating team will need more time and tactics to get to the root cause of the accident.

When involved in a chain reaction accident, you need to stay calm and never accept to be the party at fault. At least give the investigations and law guide on who to point fingers at. Having a lawyer with you is always a crucial thing.

If you are in Idaho, reputable law firms can offer the legal support you need. Let’s now focus on how the determination process of the at-fault driver works.

Identification of the Liable Party

Ordinarily, the at-fault driver needs to pay for the injuries that the accident brings to the other road users. For instance, if a driver hits the rear of a vehicle, the hit car may then extend the impact to the next, and this cycle can damage a fleet of cars on the road. In this situation, the first driver is the one at fault.

There are, however, different scenarios in which this judgment will not apply. For instance, a driver ahead of a truck can suddenly engage the brakes, which leaves no time for the driver behind to react. When a multi-collision accident occurs, the truck driver cannot be liable for the carnage. This is why the investigations commonly utilize even the most minute information revolving around the accident.

Why Have A Lawyer

In Idaho, personal injury lawsuits are competitive, and the parties will always strive towards creating a clean image of themselves. As a driver in an accident, make yourself be on the safe side by having a legal team by your side.

Look for Idaho Car Accident Lawyers who can handle your lawsuit accordingly. Sometimes, the best way to know whether you are making the proper selection is to do background checks. Go through their website and learn about the track record. 

The work of lawyers include:

  • Doing an analysis of the accident based on the available information present.
  • Planning for the whole legal process, including finding the right witnesses. 
  • Representation and guidance for the court trials.

Shared Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

After a precise analysis of the accident, the professionals may conclude that recklessness from the different parties is the leading cause of the carnage. For instance, one driver could be driving too close to a vehicle that suddenly stops.

Both drivers being at fault needs to pay for the damages which the accident inflicts on other people. The court can order the drivers to share the cost equally or by specific percentages depending on the fault they commit.

Chain reaction accidents are complex when it comes to the determination of the fault party. However, the investigative and legal teams will always have a way to get to the bottom of the matter and dig out the liable driver. Having a car accident lawyer is crucial while in such lawsuits.

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