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When facing surgery, we may feel some trepidation around the thought that even a good surgeon could make a mistake. But what we often forget is that the anesthesiologist that works with the surgeon can make mistakes or neglect a standard of care as well.

At Litster Frost, we have seen the damage that medical malpractice in anesthesiology can cause. If you or someone you care about has been injured due to anesthesiologist negligence in Boise or anywhere in Idaho, please contact our firm. There is a possibility that you can pursue legal action and hold the doctor accountable for what happened.

Pursuing Anesthesia Cases

Boise has a number of great hospitals where successful surgeries are performed every day. From Treasure Valley Hospital on Emerald to St. Luke’s downtown, anesthesiologists and surgical teams do world-class work for those that need it most.

But as impressive as the quality of medical care in Boise is, the shadow of medical malpractice still looms. Doctors and their teams make mistakes, and patients suffer—and even die—due to those mistakes.

The most common anesthesia errors include:

  • Negligence in the monitoring of the patient while under anesthesia
  • Failing to deliver anesthesia in a timely manner
  • Incorrect medication for the type of anesthesia required
  • Errors pertaining to patient allergies to an anesthesia medication
  • Failure to give premedication instructions
  • Errors pertaining to the positioning of the patient and the effect of such on blood pressure and blood supply to the brain.

The most common complications due to negligence of anesthesiologists include:

  • Collapsed lung
  • Nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Heart damage
  • Birth injuries

To pursue an anesthesiologist malpractice case, it is necessary for your attorney to show the court how negligence occurred. The process of proving negligence on the part of an anesthesiologist is not easy, but it can be done. Doing so requires conducting a thorough investigation, including interviewing witnesses, analyzing medical records and consulting an expert witness, which is another doctor who can understand the medical procedure and determine if the standard of care was met.

Our medical malpractice team is experienced in investigating doctor negligence in Boise and throughout Idaho. We have expert witnesses that can be trusted to see through to the heart of the matter, and who are willing to testify in court. We know how to build a winning case, as evidenced by our history of success in and out of the courtroom.

Anesthesia is meant to alleviate the pain and discomfort patients go through during surgery. However, if it is not used correctly, patients may feel severe pain and could experience brain damage or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The law allows victims of all types of medical malpractice to seek compensation from negligent nurses and surgeons. There are numerous cases of anesthesia awareness and related deaths each year that may be prevented by exercising reasonable care.

Schedule an appointment with Boise Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyers and have them review your claim to determine whether you have a case. Remember, consultation is free. 

What is anesthesia awareness?

Anesthesia awareness describes situations when patients wake up during surgery, hearing conversation, and feeling pain. Despite being aware of everything that is going on, they cannot communicate how they feel because they are paralyzed to prevent motion. Additionally, they cannot alert doctors to take action.

According to statistics, close to 40,000 people experience anesthesia awareness with effects of pressure, breathing difficulties, and pain. Most of them suffer from nightmares, paranoia, flashbacks, and other traumatic symptoms. Awareness is caused by poor monitoring, insufficient training, machine malfunction, and inadequate dosing.

What is anesthesia wrongful death?

Patients allow surgeons and nurses to slow their bodies during surgery when under anesthesia. This is usually meant to reduce discomforts and pain during and after the procedure. However, something could go wrong when doctors fail to follow the recommended standards of care. Most anesthesia deaths are caused by overdose, but there are other complications that can happen, as well.

What is included in anesthesia malpractice cases?

There are a couple of factors that are included in a medical malpractice lawsuit when demining the total worth. They include current medical and future bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and lost future earnings if you suffer from a condition that prevents you from working in the future. Sometimes, you lose the ability to go back to the original position.

In these cases, you will need to prove negligence and that the medical practitioner did not follow the expected standard of care. Therefore, it is best that you work with a qualified attorney to increase your chances of winning the lawsuit. For a case of wrongful deaths, beneficiaries are expected to pursue anesthesia cases until full compensation.

Anesthesia for children and the elderly

Risks increase when the anesthesia is administered to a child. It is essential for doctors to discuss everything with the parent before the procedure. Errors from pediatric anesthesia can likely cause brain damage to the child.

Similarly, older people are less able to handle anesthesia and other stressors on their bodies. Doctors must also consult family members to minimize the risks involved.

Why Boise Anesthesia Malpractice Lawyers?

The team of experts from Litster Frost Injury Attorneys has years of experience dealing with medical malpractice cases, including anesthesia awareness and wrongful deaths. They have the resources to carry out investigations and negotiate with hospitals and insurance companies for rightful compensation. 

Remember, Idaho, and every other state has limits for filing civil lawsuits. Schedule an appointment online as soon as possible or call the offices at (208) 333-3333.

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