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When you go to see your obstetrician/gynecologist, or OBGYN, you are trusting that he or she will take good care of you and your child. When the doctor makes a mistake that hurts you or your newborn, it can have devastating consequences that may last a lifetime.

Knowing the professional you trusted was negligent, and seeing the damage it does to the life of you, your child and your family is more upsetting than most people can understand. 

Litster Frost wants you to know that there are laws in place designed to protect people who have been injured during pregnancy or childbirth due to a medical professional’s actions. If you were injured by an OBGYN in Boise or anywhere in the state of Idaho, please contact our medical malpractice team at Lister Frost. Let us help you understand your legal options and determine if you have a potential case.

What is OBGYN Medical Malpractice?

Whether you see your OBGYN at St. Luke’s, Safe Haven Hospital of Treasure Valley, or another hospital or private practice, medical malpractice is defined the same way. Medical malpractice means your doctor or medical provider acted negligently, which lead to your injury.

In the medical community there is something known as the “standard of care”—the standard that a medical provider is expected to meet when treating every patient. When your doctor, nurses and other medical staff fail to meet the standard of care and you or your child sustains an injury, it is considered medical malpractice.

Proving Medical Malpractice

The process of proving medical malpractice can be challenging, which is why it is so important to hire a firm experienced in the specific practice area—in this case, OBGYN—and one that is familiar with the local courts. Our firm has worked with a variety of clients who were injured by OBGYNs, and we have extensive experience pursuing cases in Boise and throughout Idaho. 

When we take on a medical malpractice case, we conduct a thorough examination of the event. Our investigative work includes speaking with witnesses and examining medical records, while also consulting with one or more expert witnesses to verify that medical malpractice occurred. We are serious about winning the cases we take on, which is why we are so careful in the way we build a case. We will have everything prepared before we ever approach the courtroom.

Your Boise Medical Malpractice Team

Any injury sustained by you due to the negligence of your OBGYN could possibly constitute medical malpractice. However, there are certain injuries that are more common in such cases. These include:

  • Failure to diagnose
  • Causing brain damage due to asphyxiation
  • Using forceps incorrectly
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Not identifying prenatal conditions
  • Not performing a cesarean section when needed

If you or someone close to you suffered an injury from OBGYN medical malpractice, you are not alone. Litster Frost is here to support and advise you. We want to encourage you to consider legal action so that your voice is heard. Our Boise medical malpractice team is standing by to listen to your story.

Please contact us today to discuss your case.

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