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When facing surgery, we may feel some trepidation around the thought that even a good surgeon could make a mistake. But what we often forget is that the anesthesiologist that works with the surgeon can make mistakes or neglect a standard of care as well.

At Litster Frost, we have seen the damage that medical malpractice in anesthesiology can cause. If you or someone you care about has been injured due to anesthesiologist negligence in Boise or anywhere in Idaho, please contact our firm. There is a possibility that you can pursue legal action and hold the doctor accountable for what happened.

Semi-Truck Accidents

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Given the weight and size of commercial vehicles, semi-truck accidents are generally devastating, especially to occupants of passenger cars. Accident victims are left with catastrophic injuries, overwhelming medical expenses, and lasting financial difficulties.

Aside from managing the catastrophic injuries and associated property damages, the accident victims are forced to experience additional stress brought about by the need to argue with the responsible party’s insurance companies. Trucking companies have adequate resources and will fiercely fight to deny or minimize victims’ claims for settlement. Additionally, the trucking companies have accident lawyers who battle against any consumer settlement claims.

Call (208) 333-3333 to talk to an experienced Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer at Litster Frost Injury Lawyers who will relieve you of the pressure that comes with sustaining injuries in a semi-truck accident. The lawyer will explain your legal alternatives, negotiate with insurance carriers, and trucking companies on your behalf, and offer the support you need through the entire complex claim process.

How Is Fault Determined In A Semi-Truck Accident?

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Semi-truck accidents often result from driver negligence or intentional wrongdoing — like driving under the influence, speeding, engaging in distracted driving, and driving while fatigued. More than one party might be held accountable in a truck accident.

The law requires that the truck drivers and their downlines adhere to a higher set of standards than the average driver. If truck drivers are found to be engaging in negligent conduct, they will be liable for any sustained damages. Truck drivers are also responsible for maintaining their cargo and vehicles.

They cannot carry oversized loads without particular permits, must keep an up-to-date logbook of hours driven, and must avoid very steep roads. The trucking company may be held accountable if their driver causes an accident.

They may be held liable for improper retention of or hiring of incompetent drivers — such as providing inadequate training, failing to complete regular assessments, or knowingly retaining a driver under medication that may affect operating machinery. The employer may also be liable if they fail to enforce state or federal safety regulations fully.

Gather Evidence

It’s highly essential to gather relevant evidence to support your claim because various parties may be held accountable for a semi-truck accident. Some sources of evidence may include:

  • Photographs of the accident scene, including traffic lights, warning signs, road conditions, weather conditions, etc.
  • Delivery reports
  • Videos or pictures of injuries sustained and any property damage
  • Medical records
  • Witness accounts
  • Maintenance records
  • Manufacturer data, including probable recalls

When you trust your case to an Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer at Litster Frost Injury Attorneys, a team of attorneys is ready to gather all of the necessary evidence to develop a strong claim on your behalf. An experienced attorney will know to negotiate with insurance companies and battle it out in court if you cannot attain a fair settlement.

Idaho and Twin Falls Accident Statistics


In 2015, Idaho roads saw 24,018 vehicle crashes, which was up 8.5% from 22,134 in 2015. Fatalities from these crashes also increased from 186 in 2014 to 216 in 2015. Of these, 87 were killed due to impaired driving, up 20.8% from 2015.

Aggressive driving and distracted driving were also high causes of fatal accidents. In 2015, fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles rose to 30 from 22 in 2014. Twin Falls saw 11 fatal crashes and 412 injury crashes in 2015.

If a Family Member Has Died Because of a Truck Accident

Contact our office as soon as possible after the death of someone involved in a truck accident so that we may help you as much as possible while you are going through this difficult time. While winning a settlement does not bring your family member back, the money you may be entitled to will help with final expenses and other expenses related to your family member’s death.

Wrongful death cases also have a statute of limitations, which means you have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit.

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

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After a truck accident, contact Litster Frost Injury Lawyers, even if you believe you may have been partially at fault for the accident. If you are a family member of someone who was killed in a truck accident, contact our office to determine if you have the right to file a lawsuit on that person’s behalf. Always contact us for a consultation as soon after the accident as possible.

When you’re involved in a semi-truck accident, the experience may leave you with trauma. Whether you are a pedestrian, truck driver, or another driver who sustained an injury in a commercial truck accident, it’s crucial to understand the legal options available to help you obtain rightful compensation.

Although the losses you’ve suffered are apparent, it may not be easy to receive a fair settlement on your own. Contact the experienced attorneys at Litster Frost Injury Lawyers through mobile or fill out the online case evaluation form today to determine if your claim is valid.

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