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The most common and important question that you may have asked yourself after being injured is, what do I do next? I understand this well since even though my family owns a law firm and I’ve grown up in this business when I was in a serious car accident which included a brain injury, I didn’t know what to do next.

Fortunately, at Litster Frost, we’ve solved this problem and ended this confusion for you. Because the answer to this question is simple—what you need to do next after your accident is—simply to get better. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest. When you call Litster Frost Injury Lawyers right now, a member of our team will evaluate your situation TODAY and walk you through our Maximum Recovery Program, which includes getting your car fixed, getting workers comp, and other related action steps that are applicable to your case.

We also take all the steps necessary to ensure your case is properly documented and that all evidence is preserved so you don’t accidentally sabotage the value of your case. This is why it’s also important to call now since every day that passes after your accident without going through our Maximum Recovery Program is a day that could damage the value of your case. So call us today, we’ll walk you through the healing process and we’ll ensure that your case is maximized for your benefit.

What to Do After an Accident

A car accident can be very devastating, leaving you with severe injuries. When you are involved in an accident, there are definite steps you should do to ensure everyone is safe. These steps will aid to guide you through essential choices you require to make after an accident, whether you were the one at error or not. 

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The first step after getting into an accident is ensuring you are safe. Check whether you have incurred any injuries and call local authorities for immediate medical attention or request someone does so. 

If you have a severe injury, you should stay in the same position and wait for emergency staff. If you did not sustain severe injuries and can move, you should check on other passengers in your vehicle and ensure they get the best treatment.

If you can move, you should seek safety by getting on the roadside or walkway. If any vehicle is distracting traffic and is safe to drive, take it to the roadside. If not, leave it and get everyone to a safe place. You can use the road flickers from the emergency vehicle kit to caution other cars to decrease the speed.

Regardless of whether an accident is a minor or major collision, you have a legal responsibility to call the police.  Officers will document the scene and fill out an accident report. After filing a lawsuit with your attorney, they will mostly request for a police report copy to assist with the compensation process.

After ensuring all parties are safe, the next thing should do is exchange insurance and contact details with the other party. Some of the most important information drivers should exchange include:

You should avoid discussing fault when exchanging information with the other party. After filing an insurance claim, the insurance adjuster and personal attorney will define the party liable for the damage depending on the information offered, the damage incurred, and any supporting documentation, like photographs and police reports.

To protect yourself, you should record as many details of the accident as possible. Be sure to record the identification of the police constables that respond to the accident and advise them of the address where they should send a copy of the accident report to. 

You should also take photos of your car from diverse positions, displaying the harm caused to the involved parties. In case of any eyewitnesses to the collision, you should get their contact details.

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An accident might leave you devastated with injuries or a lost life of a loved one. However, following these steps and contacting an experienced attorney might help protect you and recover your compensation. Contact Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer for free legal consultation today.

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