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What Happens if You Get Injured in an Uber Accident?

Rideshare applications such as Uber have become a popular way to move from one place to another. However, you can still get into an accident and sustain injuries.

When this happens, you can feel lost and frustrated since it is an entirely new landscape for most people. You still have the right to recover any damages for your injuries when riding in an Uber.

Suppose you get into an Uber car accident. In that case, you need to work with the Idaho Car Accident Lawyers to help you navigate the different challenges that may come up due to the complicated insurance and liability associated with rideshare accidents. This article will break down what you should do if you get into an uber accident. Read on for more.

As a Passenger

When riding in an Uber, you are never at fault for an accident, whether or not the driver of the car was at fault. At the bare minimum, you qualify for:

  • A refund for your trip if you have no injuries.
  • Compensation from the other driver if they were at fault.
  • Compensation from Uber if your driver was at-fault

Insurance Issues

You may not understand how it works when you get injured while riding an Uber. The driver must have personal car insurance in addition to the insurance required by uber. This insurance comes into action immediately after the driver picks you up and stops functioning once they drop you, and it covers the passenger. The driver’s insurance, on the other hand, may or may not cover paid drives.

Filing a Claim

The driver has to report the accident to the company for Uber to get a record of the accident. If the liability of the accident falls on the other driver, you will get compensation from their insurance. However, you can get compensation from both the driver and uber if the Uber driver was at fault. 

The protocol does not differ from that involved in filing a claim for an ordinary car accident. If you sustain any injuries, you must get immediate medical attention. You should also document the Accident by taking pictures and recording videos. You can get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

At-Fault Party

When riding in an Uber, you are never at fault for an accident regardless of the party that caused the accident. However, a few exceptions exist. If you have some liability in the accident, you may receive a lower compensation amount. Say, for instance, you were drunk and unruly and ended up distracting the driver to a point where they lost control of the car. In this case, you will have partial responsibility for the accident, so you may not receive full compensation for the damages.

Although riding in an uber can make you feel safe, you can still get into an accident. As a passenger, you qualify for compensation from the other driver if they are the at-fault party. If the Uber driver is responsible for the accident, you can get compensation from uber. You will need a personal injury attorney to help you navigate the complicated insurance issues then file a claim.

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