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What To Do In a Car Accident In a Parking Lot

In a common parking area, there are many movements involving cars, pedestrians, and shopping carts. This makes accidents likely to take place, especially when a driver loses concentration for a second. Since vehicles are moving at slow speeds, the impact of the accidents will likely have a low magnitude.

However, some can be injurious, especially when pedestrians are involved. What you will notice is that parking lot accidents are exactly like other accidents. Even so, there are other distinct factors which one needs to know for the filing of the case to be viable. As an Idahoan, having an auto accident advocate with you can solve many problems. Below is an elaboration on the essential things instrumental in the legal process.

Avoid Leaving the Accident Scene

When one hits another vehicle, for instance, and nobody sees it, it is tempting to drive. This should not happen even when the crash is minor, as it could work against you. These days, parking lots have efficient monitoring systems, which means there is no space for escape. In Idaho, just like in any other state, there are hit-and-run laws that apply to parking lot accidents. Look for the absent car owner and discuss the issue amicably.

Seek Legal Assistance

Car accident lawyers are pillars when it comes to personal injury law. They understand the auto accident lawsuits’ principles and guide you accordingly whenever another driver causes the parking lot accident. The Idaho Car Accident Lawyers guide on the right way to solve the problem. They make you and the other party agree with ease. Avoid the time-intensive and expensive court processes, especially when the accident is not that major.

Evidence Gathering

The parking lots sometimes fall under private property, which means that the police cannot take the reports as in a usual public setting. Therefore, when filing the claim, you may need to look for other forms of evidence rather than the police reports. Take video footage or pictures of the scene. Concerning this, some witnesses can attest to what happened before, during, and after the accident.

Fault Determination in Parking Lot Accidents

There is a need to understand the driver liable for the unfortunate occurrence like in a typical accident. Sometimes the determination work may be complex due to the nature of the parking lot. However, there are some rules which dictate how it goes.

  • A car that rear-ends another vehicle is usually the one liable hence the driver will need to make the necessary compensation.
  • A vehicle that backs out and hits a car that is on the lane is at fault.
  • There is sharing of the fault whenever two vehicles hit each other while trying to park.

Parking lot accidents do happen sometimes. They are primarily minor as the vehicles are moving slowly. However, you need to avoid driving away from the scene as this can complicate things later for you. Find a car accident lawyer dealing with parking lot accidents as they know what such lawsuits are like. The fault determination process is usually complex at times.

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