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What To Do In a Wrong-Way Accident

There are different triggers for road accidents. One of the common ones is taking the wrong way. Most of the wrong-way accidents are fatal as they involve head-on-collisions.

The statistics show that these crashes have been on the uptick for the past decade in the US. In Idaho, for instance, the AAA Foundation found that the total number of wrong-way accidents was 14. The wrong-way crash deals were at 22, with the average per annum being 2.4.

In an unfortunate incident when you experience a wrong-way accident, it is crucial to follow the correct legal procedure in filing a case. You may need the input of a lawyer in making the lawsuit stand a better chance of success. As an Idahoan, there are worthy car accident advocates who you may engage. What should you do when you find yourself in such accidents?

Call the Police

Making a call to the police is the first thing to do. They will assess the whole situation and take the statements from both you and the other driver.

The reports they take typically capture everything from the nature of the accident to the time, date, and statements from witnesses. This is important when it comes to the actual legal procedure as it forms part of the evidence.

Find a Lawyer

Car accident lawyers need to be part of every step you make. They know about the different variables that add weight to the claim filing and court trials. In Idaho, there are such legal teams that you can approach.

Generally, the Idaho Car Accident Lawyers prepare you for legal procedures. Finding experienced attorneys is elemental as they understand how wrong-way accidents proceed. They also protect you from any luring from the insurance and at-fault party.

When you engage a lawyer, the lost wages, medical expenses, auto repairs, and future expenses will be well-catered. The compensation will be specific. Competent legal teams will fight for maximum compensation through guiding the settlements well.

The Relevance of Documentation

After the wrong-way crash, use every avenue you get to acquire information on the happening. Document such information well and do the analysis with your lawyer. Some of the crucial details to keep include:

  • The driver’s insurance company name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Registration number of the vehicle

However, there are times when your injuries cannot allow you to do this. In this case, the police may do this for you in the presence of other people at the accident scene. There ought to be high accuracy in the writing down of such information.

The Court Process

It is advisable to try to solve the problems out of the courts as this makes everything much swift and cost-efficient. It is possible, especially when the other party is cooperative. Even so, you may need to proceed to the courts when things don’t work out between you two. It could also be that the offer from the insurance company is minimal.

Wrong-way accidents are common in the United States, and in most cases, they have high fatalities due to the head-on-collisions. It is crucial to look for car accident advocates whenever you get involved in any, as they will guide you accordingly. They will fight for your compensation using their legal knowledge.

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