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Work Injuries

Have you been injured on the job as a result of employer negligence? You may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. Employers are responsible for taking all possible appropriate action toward maintaining a safe work environment. Sometimes this means external regulations, and always means routing oversight of the workplace. When the chain of safety breaks down, employees such as yourself could be in danger of injury or loss of life. Employees can also play a part in avoiding work injuries. Recognizing risk factors are a vital part of maintaining proper safety standards on the job.

Risk factors for workplace accidents

  • Negligent hiring can lead to someone getting hurt. Unqualified employees can inadvertently cause a problem. If you see reason to question coworker’s qualifications in a dangerous situation, report the incident to your boss or supervisor. Follow up to make sure the right people are aware of a potential accident.
  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment can also result in a dangerous situation. Becoming familiar with OSHA’s guidelines can help you recognize the requirements for a safe workplace. If your employer does not provide this information, you can go to to learn on your own.
  • Failure to maintain machinery is dangerous in any setting. If you see a problem, report it immediately. If the problem is not resolved, refuse to continue working with the machine. If this causes an issue, call your attorney for help with exercising your rights while insisting on a safe workplace for yourself and fellow employees.
  • Improper or inadequate training can lead to injury or death. A most effective tool in the hands of an untrained worker can be devastating. For example, someone unfamiliar with the proper use of the guard on a table saw could cause the parts to fly off and result in an eye injury, or even a cut hand or finger. If you have not been properly trained, or feel uncomfortable running the tools for your job, ask for additional help.
  • Drowsy or inattentive workers can be hazardous. If you suspect that a coworker is tired, under the influence of medication or alcohol, or inattentive for another reason, speak to them or your supervisor. Also, be attentive to your part of the job in the best way you can and avoid work injuries whenever possible.

There is no need for you or anyone around you to suffer injury or loss of life because of an employer failure to observe standard safety protocol. If you have been forced to cope with premature or unexpected loss of a loved one due to employee negligence, you may be able to pursue the resources that you need to address related expenses. Call the friendly folks at Litster Frost today and let us help you with a lawsuit to recover some of your loss from your accident. Workplace injuries need not ruin your life. Let the professionals insure that negligent employees are held accountable for irreparable harm they have caused. Find compassionate and experienced legal representation that you deserve today.