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current drug and medical device litigation

* These may not be the only ongoing litigations at this time.

Types of drug & Medical device injuries


Excess Scar Tissue

The creation of excess scar tissue around the implanted device, causing internal adhesions or even organ damage.


Migration of an implanted medical device to another part of your body.


Drug Interactive

Unexpected interactions between the newly-prescribed drug and other drugs you might be taking.



A More Serious Condition

The development of a serious health condition after taking a drug for a fairly minor one

do you have a medical device or bad drug case?


By initiating a lawsuit, you may be able to receive damages that can pay for your lost wages, medical care, and physical and emotional suffering.

It is not uncommon for medical bills to exceed the limits of your insurance policy. If this happens, you may receive threatening phone calls or letters demanding that you pay your medical bills. This can strain your finances, and you may be wondering whether you should file for bankruptcy to put the matter behind you.

Rest assured, you may have a strong chance for a medical malpractice claim that could end your financial woes. Stop wondering and find out today with one quick phone call. Our personal injury attorneys will let you know if you have a credible claim and we will take action to end the creditors’ phone calls.

By taking decisive action against the device maker or pharmaceutical company who issued the drugs, you can protect other Idahoans from getting harmed.

Companies are not likely to remove a dangerous device or bad drug from the market on their own, even with pressure from a single consumer. By initiating a lawsuit, you may be able to play an important role in protecting public safety while also getting the financial damages you deserve.


In some cases, you may be offered a sum of money to settle the case.

This is likely to happen when a company knows something was wrong, but does not want to publicly admit that they issued a bad drug.

Before you accept their offer, give the attorneys at Litster Frost the opportunity to get you a better deal. We are so sure our negotiators can get more money back in your pocket, that you pay nothing if we do not deliver.



If you’ve suffered injuries that can be directly attributed to a drug you were legally prescribed or a device implanted in you, you have the right to recover compensatory and sometimes punitive damages from the manufacturer.

Bad drug and medical device lawsuits are a type of personal injury claim and are usually pursued under state—rather than federal—law. In Boise, these claims are litigated at the Ada County Courthouse.

Since medical negligence and product liability lawsuits can involve some complicated science in addition to the straightforward legal claims, it may be months or even years before your case sees the inside of a courtroom. Because of this, it’s crucial to have an attorney who has experience in these types of claims and can guide you through the process.

what you need to know about boise class actions


A class action allows for a group of people with similar injuries to file a lawsuit against the same opposing party.

If you’ve suffered any unexpected complications after taking a new drug or having a medical device implanted, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit yourself or join one of the dozens of class-action suits pending against some of the country’s largest drug and device manufacturers.

You don’t want to face medical companies, insurance agencies, or pharmaceutical companies alone.

No matter how morally correct you may be, we live in a nation of due process. Due process takes time, and time is money. The companies you are going up against are ready for individual complaints. They have lawyers on retainer and cases prepared.

In the most populous city in Idaho, do you really have time to fight a case for months or years and still make it through rush hour traffic every day to work? Joining the right class action means your finances stay in your pocket, and you get the same level of legal expertise on your side as the company you allege has done you harm.

Leverage and time are one thing— an expertise in medical malfeasance is the vital second step.

The lawyers across the table from you are specialists. Medical companies have the ability to require exclusivity from their legal teams—there are no generalists who will have to waste time finding case precedent or rehearsing new arguments. Medical law is what these attorneys do.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity for a similar level of expertise on your side with a class action suit. The attorneys that fight for you may have cut their teeth as legal help for insurance, pharmaceutical or other kinds of medical companies. The point is experience—an absolutely essential step in presenting your best case before the court.



Professional case presentation elevates your individual problem into a concern of the court.

Let’s be brutally honest for your benefit. Your individual pain affects you more than anyone else in the courtroom. The court is not built on emotion, and officers of the court will be swayed by evidence and organization, not by instinct, feeling, or intuition.

Professional attorneys within the structure of a class action lawsuit will be able to properly frame your injuries. The right case organization means that your pain is matched specifically to laws that protect you from that pain. This type of organization takes time, even for a team. It is virtually impossible for an individual. Thus, a class action suit gives you more leverage when it comes to professionalism as well as pure content.

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It’s imperative to get expert legal advice before committing to a class action lawsuit. An attorney can determine if your case meets the requirements and will help with the necessary paperwork.


With combined evidence and effort, a class action can give you the legal power to fight the manufacturer responsible for your injury. However, a lawyer may advise you to opt out of a class action suit, in order to win you fair compensation.