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Auto Injury Attorney Boise

It can be extremely difficult to wade through all the procedural rules and gather the right kind of evidence to prove your case, but the attorneys at Litster Frost are ready and willing to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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We represent and fight for the rights of car accident victims in Boise and throughout Idaho. For a free consultation, contact our Boise car accident lawyers today.

Motorcycle accidents can occur for many different reasons and may lead to serious personal injury. Learn how our Boise injury law firm can help you Get back on your feet today.

We proudly represent those who are involved in trucking accidents in Idaho. With I-84, I-90, and I-15 we see a great deal of commercial trucking traffic accidents on the rise.

When a car weighing nearly two tons, slams into a 15-pound bicycle, there is not much chance a bike rider will walk away unscathed. If this has happened to you or a family member, you know how your life can change in a brief moment. 

Idaho pedestrian accidents are a serious matter. Our Boise pedestrian accident attorneys are here to fight for you.

Because boating is a fun recreational activity, it can be easy to lost sight of the
dangers on the water. Even if you’re a safe boater, you can’t control the
people around you on the water. What can you control is what happens after
a boating accident.


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