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Auto Accident / 12.24.2021

5 Steps to Finding Out What Your Personal Injury Claim is Worth

It is vital to know what your injury claim is worth to protect yourself. If you are injured, it can be challenging to figure out the value of your case because many factors go into calculating its true worth. Contact Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers for legal guidance on the matter.

This article will discuss 5 steps to help you find out how much money your injury claim might be worth.

Step One: Get a Free Evaluation from your Injury Lawyer.

First, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer who will give you an accurate evaluation of what kind of settlement value your case has. Your attorney is qualified and experienced in dealing with these kinds of cases every day, so they know how much money they are worth. 

This evaluation will give you a good idea as to how much money your claim is worth and what type of settlement offer, if any, should be made by the insurance company for this case.

Step Two: Get an Accurate Estimate from Your Medical Provider.

Your medical provider can provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs of your medical treatment. This estimate will include the total cost of any;

  • Surgery,
  •  Hospital stays,
  •  Rehabilitation services that you have received so far for injuries caused by accidents. 

It is crucial to get an accurate account and a statement indicating how long they expect these costs to last and what future surgeries may be necessary. Include these costs in your settlement.

Step Three: Get an Accurate Estimate for Property Loss and Damage.

If you got injured because of someone else’s negligence, there is a strong chance that you suffered property loss as well. You should include the cost to repair or replace any damaged furniture, appliances, or other items caused due to the accident into your settlement.

If any of these items were damaged to the point where you cannot repair them, you should seek compensation for their total value or replacement cost.

Step Four: Calculate Lost Income Due to Time Off Work.

If you had an accident that resulted in injuries and time off work from either by hospitalization or because you could not return for a while after being released, you should have your wages during that time calculated.

If you are self-employed or worked as an independent contractor, this amount will need to be estimated because no one can reasonably figure it for you. You may also suffer future wage losses if the injuries caused by an accident prevent you from working at your regular job or a different one in the future.

Step Five: Calculate Future Medical Costs and Loss of Income if You Are Injured Permanently.

Suppose it is determined that your injuries will cause permanent damage. In that case, you should seek compensation for both medical treatments in the future and lost wages due to that permanent disability. Even if your injuries are not entirely disabling, you should try and get compensation for medical bills and lost income due to the time needed to work to recover from those injuries.

If all of these factors can be successfully negotiated with an insurance company or presented at trial, a personal injury settlement could be worth a large amount of money. This is why it can be beneficial to have someone with experience on your side who knows how much these kinds of claims are worth and what type of settlement should be offered.

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