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Auto Accident / 11.04.2021

An Ultimate Guide on How Long to Keep Car Accident Records

Car accident records, also known as police reports, depict a lot of information regarding an accident. It makes it clear about what happened before, during, and after the crash. Therefore, these documents act as a piece of solid evidence when pursuing the legal process. It’s significant to value the car accident reports therefore and, most importantly, protect them.

It would help if you also kept them safe and within the preferable duration. Personal injury attorneys will make you not struggle in going about this. As an Idahoan target, the local top-notch law firms will link you up with a legal team that can guide you well on handling such vital documents. Speak to an Idaho Car Accident Lawyer on the issue of keeping car accident records. How long should one have them safely?

Benefits of Car Accident Records

Before coming to the duration to work with when it comes to the storage time, it’s significant to know which benefits come from these documents. One advantage is that they tell the story that the accident took place. Since they show the date, time, number of casualties, the extent of damages, witness’s statements, they clarify what took place.

They are accurate. Since the law enforcement officers are professional and exhaustive, whatever they note down is believable. They always make you much confident when presenting the documents to the insurance or during the court process. High precision never compromises with the intelligence of your legal process.

How Long Should You Keep Car Accident Records?

The duration highly depends on the nature of the lawsuit. This is where you look at the direction in which the case is following. What matters is the end phase. Therefore, if the process is not complete, you need evidence with you all through. For this reason, keep every supporting document, including your car accident records.

If you’re going through a settlement, understand that the closure and payment of benefits disqualify you from filing the case again. Therefore, you may not worry a lot if you misplace the police report. If the lawsuit matures to the trials, you certainly need these documents; hence preserve them till them.

Why Have a Lawyer?

  • Hiring personal injury lawyers means a lot when collecting, processing, and storing information. One key advantage is that they help you with the storage as they keep copies of the crucial forms. Therefore, even when you lose yours, they’ll be there to offer a backup.
  • Additionally, they take note of the statutes of limitation, which means that they look at the bigger picture during the legal process. Since the statute of limitation is at two years in Idaho, they make you file the case in time and get the opportunity to use the evidence you have.
  • To be successful in the case, you need other evidence such as medical reports and employment records. This ensures that everyone can get a clear image of what you have been through since the fateful day.

Sufficient evidence has always been pivotal in any legal process. The car accident reports are a significant part of this hence need to be well-protected. Find a personal injury lawyer as you’ll never go wrong in the keeping of these documents. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, contact the team at Litster Frost today!

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