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Featured / 10.08.2021

Experienced Lost Wages From Car Accident? Here’s What to Do

There are many reasons why an accident should never happen to anyone. Despite incurring medical expenses and spending more at the therapeutic facilities, there are also lost wages due to the inability to work as you are medically unfit. It becomes even more worrisome when the injuries are long-term.

File a lost wage claim against the at-fault party. If you reside in Idaho State, there are competent law firms that can help you in this. The legal team will take you through the process till you get the compensation you deserve. Different aspects need understanding as you go about filing the claim.

Calculating the Lost Wages

Before doing the filing, it is always good to get the figures right. Take time to calculate every coin you lost since the involvement in the accident. If you are on an hourly pay model, do the necessary calculations by looking at the total hours you lost. Follow the same approach if you are on a salaried payroll. Include also the lost benefits and bonuses which could be in your pocket if you were at work.

Why Engage a Lawyer?

Sometimes, the legal processes can be lengthy and complex. Fighting alone will lower the chances of success. Consider looking for a reliable advocate who will offer to steer the filing of the lost wages. Many Idahoans have succeeded in getting the proper compensation through such lawyers, and you, too, can join them. The Idaho Car Accident Lawyers may also offer guidance on the relevant supporting documents when filing. As a client, you will never have insecurity when sharing your financial information as top-notch attorneys are professional.

Evidence of the Lost Wages

For the claim to be successful, it is crucial to present the proper evidence. All you need is the relevant documents showing the amount of money you receive in the regular working periods. Remember the future losses as well. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Have a doctor’s report showing that you are temporarily out of work. You can also get the disability slip from the hospital, which you can take to your insurance firm.
  • When it comes to the wages, your paystubs are enough files to show your income. If for any reason you lack such, it may be because you are self-employed; using the previous tax return will do. 
  • The other option is using the invoices as they show details on the money you get.

Act Fast

It is crucial to do the filing of the claim soon as this makes the process proceed well. There are times when retrieving certain documents can be tricky, especially when you are self-employed. The hard copies of the receipts sometimes can get lost, which makes it challenging when presenting evidence. Also, remember that the statute of limitation is at two years.

Besides car accidents bringing extra expenses through medical services, there is also the issue of reduced income. It comes from the temporal inability to work as you seek medication. Filing for a lost wage claim is the right thing to do. And for this to be fruitful, have a lawyer with you. In Idaho, there are reliable car accident attorneys which you can approach.

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