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Featured / 11.30.2021

How to Deal With a Rental Car Accident With No Insurance

Rental car accidents can be costly and stressful events. If you’re in the unfortunate position of having an accident without insurance, there are some things that you can do to get back on track.

First of all, you have to seek the help of an Idaho Car Accident Lawyer. Here’s what to do if your rental car has been involved in an accident and you don’t have any insurance:

What to do in Case of Rental Car Accident no Insurance?

Even though it’s not an ideal situation, at least there are some things you can do to get back on track when dealing with rental car accidents without any insurance coverage. 

Stop Driving and Call the Police

The first thing is to stop driving the vehicle immediately after the accident. Call the police to file a report which contains:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place of the accident
  • Pictures
  • Injuries
  • Driver statement
  • Narrative of events
  • Contact information

Ensure to get a copy of all police reports filed about this incident ASAP. Your lawyer should be able to get them for you. You can also take pictures of the scene, anyone involved in the accident, especially you, and any sustained injuries.

Ask for Tow Truck Services

Call for tow truck services and inform whoever rented you the car of what happened so they can take care of everything else for you.

After the tow truck comes and takes away your rental car, you’ll want to inform whichever company rented it to you about what happened so they can take care of everything else for you.

Call Your Lawyer 

You should call a lawyer after an accident, especially an accident with no insurance coverage. 

Depending on the accident’s severity, you could be facing charges for criminal negligence or vehicular manslaughter. You should also watch out for how this will affect your insurance rate, even if it’s not your fault, because most states require drivers to have at least some basic liability coverage. Your lawyer will be able to protect you in this case.

Contact Your Insurance

Call your insurance company, even if you don’t have comprehensive or collision coverage for this car.

But it could mean your rates are going up or even being canceled by future insurers. You may not know what happens when you’re behind the wheel of your rental car, but you need to take responsibility for it regardless.

If you don’t have comprehensive or collision coverage, call your credit card company and see if they offer any secondary insurance for rental cars.

Stay Calm

Don’t try and get yourself out of trouble because this will only worsen things in the long run. You should also contact other drivers to give you their side of what happened during the accident, even if they don’t want to press charges. You’ll need this information if you’re going to pursue a claim against your insurance company for anything that might be covered under the policy.

Rental car accidents can be costly and stressful when you do not have any insurance coverage. But in the end, if all goes well, your rental car company will pay for everything. Hopefully, it’s a bit more than what was initially stated on the agreement so that any damages overages are covered as well. Remember to keep calm, take your time, and be patient during this process.

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