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The Ultimate Guide to a Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

The wait for your injury case to resolve can be frustrating. Knowing what you’re going through and knowing how long each step will take make the process a little easier on everyone involved. It would be best to talk to an experienced attorney. If you reside in Idaho, contact Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers to file a claim as soon as possible so that they can start building your case.

This article will discuss what constitutes a personal injury lawsuit timeline, including average time frames for different stages of litigation.

First Six Months 

The first six months of a personal injury lawsuit timeline will focus on preparing for your case. A lot can happen at this point, so it is essential to discuss what you need to do with an attorney and when to complete the work. It might include:

  • Obtaining medical records
  • Taking photographs
  • Documenting injuries
  • Contact witnesses to discuss what they saw.

It is vital to get this information so that your attorney can have a clear picture of the case and how best to proceed with litigation. This will also help them decide whether there are any potential defendants involved or need to add more individuals later down the line.

Months Six to 12 

These months your attorney will be working with you to file a lawsuit.

The first step is writing the complaint, including all known defendants and what injuries they caused.

Next, file the suit in court and any required filing fees, ranging from $100-$500 depending on where you live.

After this paperwork is submitted, the courts will issue a summons to be delivered to the defendants. At this point, your attorney may request that you provide any documents or records discussed during the first months of preparation.

Months 12 to 18 

Here, you will see your attorney continuing to work on the case.

For instance, they may ask for additional information or records relevant to your claim. Moreover, if there are any expert witnesses involved, their depositions need to be scheduled and executed. In addition to this, you should expect some discovery requests from defendants related to the case.

Months 18 to 24 and Beyond 

This is the final stretch before mediation, which will hopefully bring your case to a close.

Your attorney may be working on settlement negotiations with defendants or their legal teams at this point. If you cannot reach an agreement, then it is likely that your case will go to trial. It can take place many months after attempting mediation.


If the case goes to trial, your attorney will work with you to prepare. This might include additional depositions and investigations into the facts of your claim. If a jury is involved, both sides will likely present opening statements before evidence is presented and witnesses provide testimonies, including yourself and any expert witnesses.

Ultimately, a judgment is made. If the verdict is in your favor, you may receive compensation for damages, including medical expenses and pain/suffering that occurred because of another party’s negligence.  

In conclusion, it takes time to file a personal injury lawsuit from beginning to end due to several factors involved with litigation, such as gathering evidence and building a case. Your attorney can provide more insight into what you can expect on your injury lawsuit timeline via their website or social media page.

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