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Personal Injury / 11.07.2021

What Affects the Value of Personal Injury Claims?

Anytime you file a personal injury lawsuit, it always brings curiosity and uncertainty of the benefits to getting in the end. This is because you want the amount to be comprehensive enough to cushion you in the tough time since the accident. The thought of having fair compensation triggers the need to go far and wide in making sure everything is in place.

Therefore, there is a need to clearly understand the aspects determining the value of the personal injury claims. An Idaho resident, you have personal injury law firms at your disposal to approach for assistance. A reliable company will connect you to advocates with knowledge of lawsuit valuation. These Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers know which aspects affect the claim value. Let’s look at these factors which influence the values?

The Economic Vs. Uneconomic Damages

An accident tends to bring a combination of both economic and non-economic woes. It means that the valuation needs to capture the two. The economic ones entail medical expenses and proper damages. However, the amounts vary from one case to another depending on the severity. On the other hand, non-economic injuries are in a grey area often as they lack a standard of measurement.

It will help in catering for the non-economic damages, which are hard to calculate. What happens is that the value determination involves multiplying the total value with a factor such as 1.5. However, the range is between 1 and 5, which determines the severity and longevity of the medical burden.

Factors Increasing the Claims Value

Regardless of the extent of special and general damages, certain factors amplify the value. These are the notable circumstances that increase the multiplier;

  • Nerve and spine injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Permanent loss of a body part (Lifetime disability)
  • Joint Injuries needing reconstructive surgeries
  • Endless requirement for follow-up appointments
  • Bone fractures

There will be the need for long-term medical attention in all these incidences, which often needs more finances. Having a lawyer with you is paramount. Through their legal expertise and help to many clients, they understand how best to factor in everything. They know how to analyze the medical reports and easily spot the problems which will echo into the future. Through this, they are accurate in the value determination of the personal injury claims.

Factors Lowering the Multiplier

Some factors are likely to make the value relatively low. The main one is when the treatment is short-term. Also, you could have sustained injuries only due to sprains that happen in the soft tissue. Sometimes, it could be that there are no visible injuries even after the diagnosis.

It’s, however, necessary to show how the incident was life-threatening by backing your information with evidence. Ensure that you have witnesses who can testify of how the nature of the accident was fatal, and it’s only through luck that you survived. It’s fundamental to keep all your medical records safe.

When filing personal injury claims, it’s a brilliant idea to know the worth of the case. Consider including all the expenses you incur so that the value can cover every financial loss accordingly. Hiring a lawyer is beneficial as it makes the claim valuation accurate and comprehensive.

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