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Personal Injury / 11.01.2021

What Am I Entitled to in a Car Accident?

Car accidents often bring about negative implications. You find yourself paying for medical bills you never planned for. Besides, they expose you to psychological torture, which can be overwhelming. They also subject you to reduced income as you temporarily or permanently cannot work. It would be best if you had compensation as it cushions you in such trying times.

Idaho personal injury law is evident on the right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party in the accident. There are law firms that have reliable advocates to walk you through the legal journey. These Idaho Car Accident Lawyers make you see the accurate picture of how eligible you’re to compensation. This blog takes you through the whole topic of entitlement after an accident.

General Damages

There are different types of damages that accidents bring about. Among the significant classifications, we have the general damages. These are the non-economic losses. Any pain and suffering you experience fall under this category. Sometimes, these damages are in a grey area when it comes to the determination of the value.

Any amount you mention can seem controversial and attract opposition from the defendant. Most of the time, you need to support the damages with some medical records. If you have regularly been to a PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) therapy facility, provide the documents. Your lawyer often helps you in compiling such information as well as determining the value. The law calls for a victim of negligence to get a financial cushion for such problems.

Special Damages

  • You’re eligible for compensation for the special damages as well. These are the losses with economic value. It’s easy to compute the value since the focus goes to the financial expenses from the accident. It includes the medical costs as you undergo the treatments, surgeries, and any diagnostic tests.
  • It also captures the financial problems due to the stoppage of work. Due to your unstable medical condition, you will be put under home rest, meaning the work benefits will undoubtedly be reduced. If you’re a business person, you may end up closing the business for an indefinite period till you recover. Such financial losses are quantifiable hence easy to add to the case value. Who can help you better in equating the figures than a personal injury attorney?
  • Most importantly, they look into the future and assess whether there are financial constraints that could arise. Take, for instance, sustaining long-term injuries which will need regular medication and therapies. You’re entitled to compensation for these recurrent expenses.

Significance of The Negligence Aspect

If literally, everything stops in your life since the accident, it’s only fair if the responsible party owns up to the mistakes. You may have suffered significant injuries such as head and neck damage, leaving you with a permanent disability. If a negligence action caused the problem, it’s fair to receive compensation to restore your financial stability. Therefore, you need to have a way to prove the recklessness or negligence of the liable party.

You’re entitled to compensation if another person’s negligence leads you to an injury-causing accident. With a lawyer, this becomes much more seamless. They help you understand the different types of damages, such as general and special damages. Most importantly, they help compile the evidence, showing how you have suffered since the accident and are eligible for compensation.

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