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What is a Truck Underride Accident?

Truck underrides are a very serious type of truck accident that the government has tried to eliminate by requiring guards on the back of commercial trucks. However, these guards do not prevent all underride accidents, and in some cases, they even fail because of a defect.

At Litster Frost Injury Lawyers, we help injured clients obtain compensation following Boise truck accidents. Give us a call to discuss your underride case.

Underrides & Semi Trucks

An underride is a particular type of accident involving tractor-trailers, also called semi-trucks. Because the trailer sits high enough off the ground, there is enough room for a car to partially wedge itself under the trailer. This is an underride accident.

A side underride occurs when a car slides under the side of the trailer. Because the federal government doesn’t mandate side guards, it is fairly easy for a car to get wedged underneath. Side underrides typically occur when a driver tries to make a U-turn or the truck is making a turn. They are also common when visibility is low, such as at night.

A rear underride occurs at the rear of the trailer. Here, federal regulations mandate the use of guards to block the car from going under. However, some guards fail, especially at high speeds because they are old or not installed properly.

Who is At Fault for an Underride Accident?

Some people assume the passenger car driver is to blame since they typically “struck” the semi-truck. However, to determine fault, we will look at the totality of the circumstances surrounding the wreck, not simply which vehicle struck the other. For example, we need to consider:

  • Whether the truck driver suddenly hit the brakes
  • Whether the truck driver pulled in front of a vehicle
  • Whether the truck driver made a lane change without checking their blind spot
  • What actions the driver of the passenger sedan took
  • The condition of the guards
  • Any defect involving tail lights or brakes on the semi-truck

If the truck lacked taillight or markings, for example, then it would not be surprising if a motorist crashed into it during foggy weather. Driving a defective truck would probably make the truck driver liable.

Underride Accidents & Injuries

An occupant in the passenger sedan can suffer life-altering injuries when their car slides under the trailer. In the worst types of accidents, the roof of the car will peel back, exposing occupants to a direct strike from the trailer’s edge.

Our clients have suffered:

  • Facial injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputation

Unfortunately, the risk of death is also high in an underride. Some passengers are decapitated and die instantly at the scene.

If you were injured, or if you lost a loved one in a crash, you should meet with a Boise truck accident lawyer to review what compensation is available. Our clients have received money for lost income, medical care, and pain and suffering.

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