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Motor Vehicle Accidents / 12.17.2021

When to File a Police Report for Your Car Accident: All You Need to Know

For many people in Idaho, the question of when to file a police report for your car accident can be confusing. There are certain situations in which you may not need to call the cops at all.

If you were involved in an auto collision and either no one was injured, or property damage only occurred, it’s possible that reporting this incident would unnecessarily complicate. That is why you need the help of Idaho Car Accident Lawyers for what to do. 

What is a Police Report? 

Reporting an accident refers to the process of filing official documentation with law enforcement after your car accident has occurred and you’ve been involved in some collision.

For insurance companies to determine who is at fault for causing damage and injuries due to their accident, they look to official documentation from the police. In some cases, it’s also helpful for drivers or vehicle owners who were not at fault in a car accident to have a record of what happened with law enforcement as well.

What Does The Police Report Contain?

A police report is a document that outlines what happened during a car accident and who the law enforcement officers believed to be at fault for causing these damages. Reports from different jurisdictions may vary slightly, but most contain some or all of this information:

  • The date and time that the accident occurred as well as where it took place on a map
  • The names of the drivers involved in the accident, their addresses, and contact information
  • A description of any property damage that occurred to vehicles or other objects as a result of this incident (e.g., buildings, signs, utility poles) along with estimates for repair costs if available
  • Information about who was believed to be at fault for causing the accident
  • The names of any witnesses to this incident who police officers interviewed
  • A statement explaining how law enforcement arrived at their conclusion about which driver was responsible for causing these damages. 

How to File a Police Report?

When filing a police report, it’s essential to be honest about the details of what happened. If you’re unsure who caused damage or injuries to your accident, provide this information in your claim and let insurers investigate further.

  • Contact law enforcement immediately after a car accident has occurred so that they can come out as soon as possible to take an official police report.
  • Collect any information that you may need to provide when the officers arrive, such as your name and contact information, along with proof of insurance (if applicable)
  • If possible, avoid editing their record in any way unless it is necessary to protect yourself from legal consequences.
  • Make sure that you get a copy of the police report to keep this document for your records.
  • If there are any inaccuracies in this record, let them know about these changes and provide documentation if needed. Keep copies of everything.

Make sure to file a police report any time that there has been an accident involving your vehicle and another party. This documentation is vital in determining fault and may be required by your insurer. It can also be used as proof of what happened if necessary in the future.

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