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Personal Injury / 1.10.2024

Who Pays My Medical Bills After a Slip & Fall Accident?

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Medical Bills After a Slip and Fall Accident

If your slip and fall accident was caused by negligence of the property owner or management, they are responsible for covering your medical bills. However, this is usually done through their insurance company and requires a settlement. Unfortunately, settlements take time.

The attorneys at Litster Frost can guide you on how to pay medical bills while you are waiting on a settlement. Contact us today for a free consultation. Meanwhile, here are the basics on how to pay for medical bills after a slip and fall accident. 

When Is a Property Owner Found Negligent?

A property owner is found to be negligent if:

  • They have a duty of care to the victim, which generally means you are on the property legally.
  • They breached that duty of care by failing to maintain the property, causing a knowable dangerous condition.
  • The dangerous condition must have caused injury.
  • You must have sustained economic damages, like medical bills.

For example, if an employee mops a floor and fails to put out a warning sign, the property owner would be found negligent for a slip and fall accident. However, if there is a leak that just began and it is not reasonable that the property owner should have been aware of the dangerous condition, they may argue against a negligence claim.

Will the Property Owner Pay My Medical Bills for a Slip and Fall Injury?

While the property owner may be liable for your injuries, they are not likely to give payments for medical bills and treatment outside of the final settlement. The property owner’s insurance will pay for your medical bills as part of the settlement.

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Medical Bills?

You can use your health insurance to cover your medical bills after a slip and fall injury and reimburse the insurance company when you get your settlement. Your personal injury attorney can handle this part of the process for you once a settlement is reached.

You will also be entitled to reimbursement for any copays or other out-of-pocket costs you had while using your own health insurance. Essentially, you will sue for all of the medical costs, then reimburse the health insurance company and yourself after you receive your settlement.

When Do I Have to Pay My Own Medical Bills?

If you don’t have your own health insurance, you may need to pay your medical bills out of pocket until a settlement is reached. You will be entitled to reimbursement for all of these medical expenses relating to treatment for your slip and fall injury.

You may be able to find a provider that is willing to delay payments until you receive your settlement. A letter of protection from your attorney may be required by the provider. This is one reason it is important to hire an attorney as soon after your slip and fall accident as possible.

Contact Lister Frost If You Were Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

In short, covering medical expenses after a slip and fall accident before receiving a settlement can be a difficult and complex matter. It is best to have an experienced and caring attorney who will help you through the process.
Litster Frost has helped many people in Boise and Nampa receive compensation for their medical bills while getting the treatment they need before their settlement. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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