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Almost everyone has stumbled on a crack in a sidewalk at some point in their lives. But, have you ever wonder who was responsible for fixing those sidewalks? The answer depends on the type of hazard and where the sidewalk is located, but whoever is responsible for fixing the sidewalk is also responsible for any injuries caused by their failing to fix it.

If you fell on a sidewalk and were injured, give Litster Frost Injury Lawyers a call. We help people who were involved in sidewalk accidents to figure out who to make a claim against and to seek full compensation for their injuries. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

Who Is Responsible For Sidewalk Repairs?

The Ada County Highway District installs and maintains many sidewalks in the area as part of its overall public transportation plan. However, not all sidewalks are publicly installed, and private businesses are sometimes required to install and maintain public sidewalks in exchange for having their building permit granted. You can find out who is responsible for a particular sidewalk by contacting the county or city.

No matter who is responsible, they must regularly inspect the sidewalk and repair hazards such as damage from tree roots, sinking sidewalks, and uneven surfaces.

Who Is Responsible For Keeping Sidewalks Clear?

Even when a sidewalk is installed by a government agency, the owner of the property the sidewalk runs in front of generally bears responsibility for basic maintenance. This includes the following:

‣ Snow removal. Boise requires snow to be first cleared by 9:00 A.M. and again throughout the day if snow continues falling
‣ Clearing of downed tree limbs and other yard waste
‣ Removing objects blocking gutters or drains to prevent water from pooling on the sidewalk
‣ Ensuring that any walkways, ramps, or stairs connecting to the sidewalk remain level to it

How To Prove A Sidewalk Accident Claim

Proving a sidewalk accident claim requires both proof that you were injured and proof that the injury was caused by the dangerous sidewalk. This might include witnesses who saw your accident, photos of the hazardous condition, or the medical records from when you sought care. You should also notify the business or government agency responsible for the sidewalk as soon as possible to document that the accident happened.

Because it can be hard to figure out who is responsible for a sidewalk and to prove that the dangerous sidewalk caused your injuries, it may be helpful to work with an attorney. Our firm can help guide you through the process and bring any necessary claims so that you can receive the compensation you’re entitled to under the law. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to find out what your case may be worth.

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