The Litster Frost 3 Guarantees

1 MONEY IN YOUR POCKET REGARDLESS OF INSURANCE POLICY LIMIT—When you’re injured, your medical bills may possibly exceed insurance policy limits. This means that even after you’ve settled your case, you could be left with a bill for an amount that the policy didn’t cover. The team of attorneys and staff at Litster Frost works to make sure that if you receive compensation, no matter how high your medical bills are, you’ll get money in your pocket regardless of the insurance policy limit—Guaranteed!
2 MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET OR YOU PAY NOTHING—Even if you’ve already received an offer from an insurance company, our tough, aggressive, and experienced team at Litster Frost will get more money in your pocket or you’ll pay nothing—Guaranteed!
3 STOP HARASSING PHONE CALLS—It is a traumatizing experience to be injured in an accident. Afterwards, unfortunately, victims often have to deal with harassing phone calls from creditors if they’re unable to work or to pay for medical treatment. At Litster Frost, because we genuinely care for our clients, we help you get justice, and most importantly, we help you heal. Because this care goes beyond the office or the courtroom, our clients can rest easier knowing that the harassing creditor phone calls will stop—Guaranteed!