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Depuy Attune Knee Lawsuit

Depuy Attune Knee Lawsuit Lawyers

Are you one of the over 600,000 annual Americans that received a knee-replacement surgery called arthroplasty?  If your surgery was after 2010, you may have been given The Attune Knee System and been promised that it would improve your life by having a larger range of motion and a longer time period of effectiveness.  If this product drastically failed to do that for you, there are reasons and we can help you get compensation.

The Attune Knee System by DePuy Synthes, whose Parent Company is Johnson & Johnson, has been proven to have a curiously high failure rate.  This total knee replacement equipment is surgically implanted into patients’ legs in order to attempt to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and lack of cartilage.  Failure of the Attune Knee System instead causes decreased range of motion, swelling, instability, and of course, large amounts of pain that were supposed to go away with the initial surgery.

The high failure rate of the Attune Knee System is due to a design flaw in the smoothness of the materials used where tendons have to be glued to the device.

Since DePuy Synthes made the decision to go with a smoothed cement tibial component, the glue surgeons use in knee replacement surgeries de-bonds causing a loss of stabilization throughout the rest of replacement.  Fixing a failed Attune Knee System involves reopening up the knee in an even more invasive way, extending recovery time, adding cost, and inflicting more pain upon the patient.

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Most knee replacements are supposed to last close to 20 years, but in an article from the Journal of Knee Surgery, nine prominent orthopedic surgeons reported there has been an abundance of premature failures of the product made by DePuy Synthes.  Depuy Synthes has yet to be hit with a class-action lawsuit over this product, yet they know enough about the problems it has caused to go back and redesign the Attune Knee System (named S+) so that it does not have this glaringly wrong problem. Of course, they defend the old design and attack patients and researchers who have shown its defectiveness.  However, this does not help the tens of thousands of patients that were implanted with the poorly designed original. This is where Lister Frost Injury Lawyers comes in to help. Filing a lawsuit costs you nothing, but upon settlement or a trial win, we will optimistically cover the costs of the added hospital bills, new replacement surgery, physical therapy, and lost wages to go with the pain and suffering monetary award you deserve.  

 – Tanya S.

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