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A Patient With an IVC Filter May Be At Risk For Serious Health Problems or Even Death

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IVC filters are used to prevent pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis in patients who cannot tolerate anticoagulant medication or who have just had surgery. They are meant to save lives, but instead are fracturing and shooting sharp metal projectiles along the bloodstream into patients’ hearts and lungs requiring emergency heart surgery and sometimes even death.

Over 290,000 filters have been implanted and many are like TICKING TIME BOMBS waiting to explode

Why is an IVC filter dangerous?

  • The metal in the device’s ‘legs’ erodes and fractures, shooting sharp metal projectiles along the bloodstream toward the heart and lungs.
  • These devices are held in place inside your veins with little hooks that are ripping holes in the vein causing internal damage.
  • These devices are losing their placement in the vein and slipping to another area, making it impossible for doctors to retrieve them, thus leaving them in your body with an even greater chance of devastation. With even a little slip, the devices tilt, making them almost completely ineffective.
  • Even when the filter does its job correctly and catches a blood clot on its way toward the patients’ heart and lungs, it can then get clogged and slow blood flow towards those organs, which is undetectable until unhealthy symptoms persist.

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Our national team of trial lawyers has seen tremendous success in representing victims just like you. We have the resources and experience you need to take on the IVC filter manufacturers. We hold these companies accountable for their negligence. Our results speak for themselves.

There have been investigations to assess the negligence and culpability of the IVC filter manufacturers regarding the defectiveness of their devices. In fact, many personal and class action suits are currently being filed. There have been no pay-outs as of yet, but be sure to contact us right now to get your claim in if you, or a loved one, has been affected by a complication stemming from an IVC implant.

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