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Featured / 10.09.2021

Car Accidents: Do You Sue the Driver or Insurance Company?

After an accident occurs, many will first seek medical attention and proceed with the legal process. Filing a lawsuit is crucial if you want compensation for the losses you have gone through since the crash. What sometimes people wonder is whether they need to sue the driver or the insurance company.

The first thing which you ought to ensure is that you are not the fault driver. However, it is essential to look for car accident lawyers who will help you handle the different tasks, such as filing the insurance claim. If you reside in Idaho, reliable law firms can provide you with the right legal team. It is necessary to get it right when doing the suing, and here is the breakdown of things.

How Long Should I Take Before Suing?

Before we come to the actual case filing, it is necessary to know other factors such as the time frame within which one should work the statutes of limitation guide. Different states have different times which they give plaintiffs in filing the lawsuits. In Idaho State, there is a limit of two years. However, being on the safe side is always the best thing. This helps in the following;

  •  Excellent gathering of evidence.
  •  An easy time in finding witnesses.
  •  Sharper memories of things.

Who Do You Sue?

You usually are sure the driver is at fault for the woes you have gone through since the accident. His insurance company will, therefore, pay for the medical expenses and other losses which you experience. Having a car accident to guide you is necessary. Idaho Car Accident Lawyers know about the procedure to make the filing in line with the correct procedure. With their legal knowledge, you will get assistance in the gathering of evidence.

A reliable legal team will also enlighten you on how to deal with the insurance adjuster. It is a beautiful thing to look for attorneys who also calculate the correct value for the claim. This helps you get the compensation that meets the losses you experienced after the accident.

The Court Process

There are times when a driver at fault is cooperative and understanding which makes the settlements proceed smoothly. However, this doesn’t always happen. You may not benefit much from the settlement outside the courts. On the other hand, the insurance company may offer a compensation amount that is way too low.

At such a moment, the right thing to do is head to the courts and fight for better compensation. What you need at this level is to plan for each court session well, and every word should. Consider making all the necessary preparations, including coaching the witnesses on how to give their statements. Your car accident lawyer will help you with this. Besides, such advocates are superb in the calculation of the expenses, which brings about maximal compensation.

Suing the at-fault driver acts as a remedy to the problems you have faced since an accident. When it comes to the filing of the lawsuit, include every detail of the expenses you incurred. There are times when the case settlements don’t work; hence the only worthy option is going to the courts. During such legal processes, having a car accident attorney with you is relevant.

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