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Car Accidents Involving Rental Cars in Idaho

Dealing with a rental car accident is the last thing you would want when driving on Idaho roads. Sure, any car accident comes with a lot of pressure and stress, but it is even worse if it involves a rental car.

While it is not entirely different from what happens when you get into an accident with your vehicle, the rental agreement makes things a bit more complicated. You have to get everyone to safety before anything else.

After, you need to contact Idaho Car Accident Lawyers, who understand the implications of the rental agreement and the facts of your case.

Insurance Options

When driving in a rental car, you will always be responsible for any damage. Once you sign the rental agreement, you have a contractual obligation to return in the same state, even if the damage results from someone else’s negligent actions. If you get involved in a car accident while driving a rental car in Idaho, you have three primary sources of potential insurance:

  • Your car insurance
  • The credit card you used to pay for the car
  • Rental car company insurance

When renting a car in Idaho, the rental company will always offer traditional insurance coverage. You can also get damage waiver insurance to waive any vehicle replacement and repair expenses. However, it may not cover damages resulting from reckless driving and operation by unauthorized drivers.

Liability coverage pays for medical bills and property damages caused to other individuals while driving the rental car. If you get liability insurance from the rental company, it will overlap with your car insurance.

What Should You Do If You Get Into an Accident While Driving a Rental Car?

The subsequent actions following a car accident involving a rental car in Idaho are not different. First, you need to get everyone to safety. If anyone appears to be in a lot of pain or has broken bones, do not move them. You should then contact emergency services. The emergency response team can aid those with minor injuries and get the severely injured victims to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Once everyone is safe, exchange details with anyone else involved in the accident. If you hit a parked vehicle, remember to leave your facts under their windscreen wiper. Some of the vital information you need for your car accident claim include:

  • Make, model and color of other vehicles involved
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Weather conditions, road condition, and street lighting
  • Any damages to property and other vehicles
  • Injuries to pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers

You should also call the car rental service and explain the situation. They will take care of repairs, recovery, and replacement. Additionally, you need to hire a car accident lawyer in Idaho to help you file a claim so you can get compensated for any damages.

In summary, car accidents involving rental cars have a few complications due to your contractual obligation to return the vehicle in its original state. The primary sources of insurance in such an accident include:

  • Your insurance cover.
  • The insurance from the rental service.
  • You used the credit card to pay for the rental.

After a rental car accident in Idaho, you should get everyone to safety, collect relevant details, and contact the rental service and a car accident attorney.

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