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Featured / 2.03.2022

Do You Need an Expert Witness in Your Personal Injury Case?

One of the reasons to hire a Boise, Idaho personal injury attorney following an accident is that they can collect evidence to support your claim for compensation. Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck accident, or premises liability case, you must establish key facts about your case to receive money for your injuries. No evidence, no case. It’s that simple.

Sometimes, an injured victim would benefit from an expert witness on their team. Unlike lay witnesses, expert witnesses must possess sufficient education and technical expertise and testify about things they did not personally observe. Below, we highlight how different experts might prove beneficial in your personal injury case.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

Some accidents are straightforward. The witnesses might agree on what happened, or dashcam video captures the incident as it unfolded. However, some car accidents are so complex that we need to call in expert help. An accident reconstruction expert can review all available evidence and recreate the accident for all to see.

Accident reconstruction is especially helpful if we need to go to trial and present our case to a jury. But they are sometimes helpful even if negotiating only with an insurance adjuster.

Medical Experts

Medical experts can establish key facts that strengthen a personal injury case. Two of the more important facts are:

Causation. To receive compensation, you need to connect your injuries to the defendant’s conduct. Sometimes, this is very easy to do. If you were a pedestrian struck by a speeding car, you don’t need an expert to show that your head injury was the result of hitting it on the sidewalk after being sideswiped.

But other cases are different. You might have suffered organ failure a week or two after a car accident. Are the two events connected? They must be if you hope to hold the defendant liable. A medical expert might provide the necessary testimony to show that they are.

Future medical care. If you suffer a permanent injury, you can receive compensation for all medical care to treat your injuries, including future medical care. An expert witness can point out what care you will likely need and how much it will cost.

Financial or Vocational Experts

Serious injuries can also keep a person from returning to their job. They might not be able to work at all, or they might have to accept a different job at a lower wage. Fortunately, Idaho lets victims receive compensation for lost earning’s capacity.

However, establishing the amount with some reasonable degree of certainty often requires an expert witness. They can testify about the type of work you can do after the injury, the available wage, and how much you likely would have earned had you not been hurt.

Expert Witnesses Must Be Credible

An expert needs sufficient education and/or experience to qualify to offer testimony. Many injured people have no idea who would make a good expert. But at Litster Frost Injury Lawyers, we can tap our network to find the most credible experts around. Contact us today. We offer a free consultation with our Boise personal injury lawyers to begin discussing your case.

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