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Featured / 12.13.2021

Personal Injury Mediation: the Benefits

Personal injury mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve their case without formal litigation. There are many benefits to using mediation instead of traditional litigation to resolve your case.

Contact Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more about the benefits of personal injury mediation if considering it as a way to settle a claim.

The benefits include and are not limited to:

Saves Time

Mediation is designed to minimize your time commitments by only involving the necessary parties. If you are involved in a lawsuit, it can take months or even years before any significant movement or progress on the case because of court schedules and delays. Mediation allows you to have an active role in determining how long everything takes so that you aren’t waiting around for months or years to resolve your case.

Reduces Stress and Costs of Litigation

The stress associated with litigation can be relatively high for both parties involved in a personal injury case. Mediation allows them to resolve their disputes quickly without going through months or years of emotional turmoil that may or may not end in a positive result.

Since mediation is a voluntary process, there are no expenses of attorneys or formal court proceedings associated with it. You can stop at any time without penalty if you do not feel like it is going well.

You Can Control the Outcome

One of the most significant benefits of mediation is that you can control the outcome by choosing acceptable terms for both parties. This is not true in traditional litigation, where the judge makes all of the decisions.

By being proactive and taking control of your case, you can ensure that it ends with a fair result for everyone involved.

Keeps the settlement out of court

Mediation is more private than litigation because the negotiations are confidential and do not become part of public court records. This can help protect your privacy and prevent sensitive information about your case from becoming public knowledge.

The party that you are negotiating with might be more willing to make changes or concessions if they do not have to worry about the potential of having those details become part of court records and made available for others’ review at any time in the future.

Makes the Process More Efficient

Mediation allows for more flexibility in scheduling than litigation because everyone involved participates on their terms rather than at specific times dictated by court schedules.

It takes place at a convenient location for both parties involved in a case instead of taking time out from work or everyday life to attend litigation hearings. This saves everyone involved valuable time and money because they do not have to travel back and forth across town and settle their case in one meeting.

There are many reasons to consider mediation over litigation when resolving a personal injury case. It can save you time and money while minimizing stress and giving you more control over the outcome of your case.

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