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Top Reasons to Invest in Personal Injury Coverage on Your Homeowners Policy

Homeowners insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can have. It protects your home, possessions, and financial investments against liabilities that are caused by events such as fires or criminal activities on your property.

However, many people do not realize that it also covers personal injury for members of your family if they are injured due to someone else’s negligence on your property. Contact Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in this type of coverage today. They include:

Personal Injury Protection Covers Family Members Only.

If you want to protect your family members but are concerned about the cost of adding this type of coverage to your policy, talk with a local insurance agent. They can help you determine which providers offer an affordable price and superior service so that everyone in your household is covered under one plan.

It is Cheap

The coverage is relatively inexpensive, especially when considering how much it would cost if someone got injured on or near your property.

It is an Essential Type of Coverage You Can Have.

We live in a litigious society, and no matter how careful we are, accidents do happen to our family members from time to time. As such, it only makes sense that we protect ourselves against financial hardships associated with medical bills or property damage.

Help Determine if Someone is Financially Responsible For the Injury.

What does this mean? When a member of your family gets injured on another person’s property, they can sue them for damages. However, if that individual is not insured or has insufficient coverage to pay the claims filed against them, then you could be responsible for paying these bills out of pocket.

Covers Injuries that Occur on Your Property.

This includes accidents that happen within or outside your home but excludes travel from one location to another unless you regularly travel between work sites.

Protect Your Assets if You are Sued.

If someone else’s negligence causes your family member to get injured on or near your property, and they don’t have personal injury protection for this type of claim, then it is likely that you could be sued for damages.

For this reason, it is crucial to have a personal injury protection rider on your policy so that you know the financial responsibility falls upon the party responsible for their injuries and not you.

  • You can choose how much coverage you want to add on, which means your premiums will stay low.
  • If a family member gets sued because of an injury they suffered on or near your property, this type of insurance could save you from legal expenses and court costs.

Personal injury protection is a type of coverage that you should have on your homeowners’ policy. This way, if someone gets injured on or near your property due to another person’s negligence and does not have personal injury protection for this claim, then it will fall upon their insurance provider to pay these bills instead of yours.

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