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Personal Injury / 11.20.2021

What Are the Slip-and-fall Lawsuit Statistics?

When involved in a slip-and-fall accident, chances are you’ll sustain some injuries. The extent, however, depends on the nature of the incidence as well as your overall health. It’s always good to file a lawsuit against the negligent party responsible for the hazardous conditions. In Idaho, there are reliable law firms that can guide you with the legal process.

They understand the state’s injury law hence will guide you well. These Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers are also vital when gathering evidence on the hazardous conditions leading to the accident. Besides, going through the statistics on slip-and-fall lawsuits is relevant if you want to know how dominant these accidents are. This blog looks into these statistics.


It’s significant to get a clear picture of how slip-and-fall accidents can seem minor but end up being catastrophic. Statistics on the home deaths which take place accidentally, 50% points to the slip-and-fall incidences. Homeowners are advised to deal with the dangerous conditions that trigger these accidents.

 More than 32,000 people have succumbed due to these falls in the United States alone. Due to the stay-at-home orders, the figures could even end up rising more. Going by age, people over 75 years of age, reports show that the percentage of deaths is 60%.


  • In the medical field, accidents often need prompt medical attention as the casualties require this life-saving assistance. Concerning slip-and-fall accidents, the number of visits to the emergency rooms stands at 9 million. It is for both children and adults. Going by age, it’s estimated that annually, 33% of people at 65 years of age or more are likely to experience a fall.
  • It is majorly due to their gradual decline of physical stability as their musculoskeletal system. The severity of the accidents is often significant as compared to low-impact motor vehicle accidents. 
  • When it comes to non-fatal medical treatments, slip and fall injuries are the leading cause. Going by this, you’ll find that the approximately 48,000 individuals will require some temporary leave from work to recover from the injuries.

Type of Injuries

Ordinarily, there are different types of injuries that you can experience after a fall. Going by the statistical data, you’ll discover that roughly 30% of people will experience injuries after a fall. Not all falls result in sustaining injuries. However, it’s always advisable to go for a checkup as this is the only way to ascertain that you’re okay. Studies indicate that falling is a critical contributing factor among all causes of traumatic brain injuries.

Figures show that among the total number of people who fall, 5% of them sustain fractures. To be more specific, hip fractures are more dominant when we talk of fall-related physical damages. 87% of all the people with fractures belong to between 65 years and above.

Slip-and-fall accidents cause injuries that can be fatal. The impact being low sometimes can make you underestimate the damages. Statistics are clear, though, on the different aspects, such as fatalities and severity. However, whenever you sustain some injuries due to the negligence of another party, it’s significant to file a lawsuit.

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