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With our Idaho medical malpractice attorneys, you can hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their harmful actions.

However, you do not have to sit back and do nothing. If you have suffered because of a doctor’s negligence, there is professional help at Litster Frost. You have legal options and rights. Doctors carry medical malpractice insurance for such times as these.


Bad Plastic Surgery

Vanity is not the only reason for plastic surgery, but if it turns out poorly, patients can suffer shame, hurt, and hopelessness. The emotional impact of bad surgery, along with medical and financial consequences can be devastating.

Birth Injuries

A mishandled newborn can suffer common medical issues such as cerebral palsy, brain damage, paralysis, or Erb’s palsy. If this happens to your family, call an attorney immediately. You are entitled to compensation, and negligent doctors must be held accountable.

Delayed Diagnosis

Some illnesses, such as cancer, can progress past the point of possible recovery if not diagnosed soon enough. Heart attack and stroke, or meningitis, appendicitis, and other infections, also require timely diagnosis for proper treatment.

OB/GYN Mistakes

A negligent OB/GYN may fail to identify prenatal conditions, fail to diagnose, misdiagnose, use forceps incorrectly, or fail to perform a cesarean section when necessary. Another common injury due to negligence by an OB/GYN is brain damage caused by asphyxiation.


Often, symptoms of one thing are indicative of another as well. This can prove fatal. If you are not getting better or are getting worse, seek another opinion. Your doctor may have missed something. You may be able to go back and sue for financial compensation.

Fetal Death

Doctors are responsible to identify medical ailments and treat them, both for the safety of the mother and her fetus. If a medical professional fails to diagnose a problem, or administers the wrong treatment, or any other error that results in complications that threaten the life of her or her child, take legal action and draw attention to dangerously careless medical professionals. While there is no amount of money that can ease the loss of a child, it may help ease your financial burden while you cope with your loss.

Hospital Negligence

Nurses make errors and you should not have to suffer in their care. Also, if you suffer from being ignored too long, file a claim with the hospital and ask your attorney if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Medication Errors

If the wrong medication is prescribed, it could cause a myriad of problems and even death. Double-check with the pharmacist to make sure your medication matches your illness.

Dental Problems

Failure to detect an oral disease is one form of dental malpractice, since diseases such as periodontal disease are more treatable when detected early enough. Malpractice can also result in injury to bone structure or tissue. And improper tooth extraction, such as during a wisdom tooth removal, can lead to infections or nerve damage. Using defective or improperly sterilized tools can contribute to problems as well.

Surgical Injuries

If you are the sufferer of botched surgery, wrong site surgery, misuse of surgical instruments, incorrect surgical procedure, or incorrect suturing, you are entitled to financial compensation. Furthermore, if surgeons left objects in your body or you suffer post-surgical complications, call your attorney today.

Anesthesia Errors

This is a potentially serious or deadly medical mistake involving the improper administration of drugs during surgery or other invasive procedures.

Errors Leading to Death

Johns Hopkins University has discovered that medical errors may be the third-leading cause of death in this country. Unfortunately, then, the chances that your loved one’s death was caused by physician error is quite high.

* While these are not the only types of medical malpractice cases, they are very common and often result in serious injury.



Your attorney will determine if your doctor or other medical professionals who were responsible for your care failed to adhere to the standard that has been established for them nationally and here in Idaho.

If so, we then need to determine how that failure contributed to your harm.


No medical professional will likely volunteer an admission of malpractice to you.

So pursuing a case will require extensive investigation. This is true both initially while we design a strategy for your case as well as on an ongoing basis as we pursue a settlement or verdict.


Nationally, the majority of medical malpractice cases that are tried to verdict are won by the hospitals or doctors, since the burden of proof falls on plaintiffs and their attorneys.

This is why Litster Frost Injury Lawyers are so careful at advising on when a settlement or trial is best, and to thoroughly research every avenue of fulfilling that burden of proof in a successful lawsuit.


A delay or misdiagnosis of a serious condition can lead to a lifelong injury or illness, or even death.

Some examples of such conditions where this can occur include:

  • Cancer misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Cardiovascular conditions, heart attack, and/or stroke
  • Emergency room diagnosis and treatments
  • Hospital records or administration errors, resulting in delayed diagnosis
  • Birth injuries or prenatal issues causing harm to mother or baby; and
  • Medical testing errors



Contributing to Harm Before or During Birth

As routine as childbirth is, many complications can arise. Despite modern practices, medication, training, and equipment, some of the injuries that befall mothers or their babies during pregnancy or delivery are still caused by doctor error.

Learn more about this form of medical malpractice case on
our birth injury page.


Misuse of Medical Equipment

While many lawsuits pertain to medical equipment defect or design, some cases of harm contributed to by equipment or medical devices are due to their misuse. This could be due to lack of training, misapplication, or many other factors pertaining to human error.


Incorrect Prescription or Administering of Medicine

The process from prescribing to administering a medication is complex and wrought with the potential for dangerous mistakes. Wrong drug for wrong patient, timing, dosage, manner of reconstitution, rate of infusion or speed of administration, wrong pharmaceutical form, and many other factors have been cited in medication error-related cases.


Surgical Errors

Roughly 4,000 people per year in the U.S. suffer from serious surgical mistakes. Researchers and medical industry people refer to these as “never events,” as they should never have happened. An example would be operating on the wrong patient or body part, or leaving a foreign object such as a sponge inside the operation site of the patient.

There are also many other less obvious surgical complications, such as a failure to notice hemorrhaging. These can also be extremely serious.



The coordination of staff is very complex.

Clerical and intake staff, administrative assistants, records and IT staff, nurses, doctors, interns, pharmacists, and other responsible professionals in hospitals and medical clinics all play a role.

With so many moving parts, a medical workflow can be very prone to contributing to oversights and errors. Add to that a breakdown in communication, and it’s no wonder that medical mistakes are common.


Lack of proper sleep can contribute.

Some cases have also cited that a lack of qualified workforce in the medical community can lead to overworked, and sometimes exhausted, mistake-prone situations. Even the most careful doctors or nurses who takes impeccable pride in their work can make mistakes when working double shifts with a lack of proper sleep.


Human error will be a factor in the equation.

Computerization of medical records and patient management has helped. But no matter how sophisticated medical management systems, workflows, and procedures become, human error will be a factor in the equation as long as these are managed by people.


Litster Frost’s Role

If you speak with an attorney at Litster Frost about your medical malpractice case, you’ll quickly realize why Idahoans trust our firm to handle their malpractice cases. You’ll see that experience and deep knowledge of litigation for malpractice is critical.


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