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Idaho Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Few things are worse than a vehicle accident in which a car collides with a pedestrian. Even a minor bump can send an unprotected pedestrian flying onto the pavement or under another car. If you’ve been injured in a similar manner, you likely face a long road to recovery that includes not just your medical expenses but lost wages and the prospect of a permanent disability as well. The one piece of good news is that the law gives you the right to receive full compensation from the driver who was at fault for your injuries.

Litster Frost Injury Lawyers represents pedestrians who were injured by inattentive or reckless drivers. Our goal is to take on all of the work of obtaining compensation for you so that you only have to focus on getting better. To find out how the process works and what you may be able to recover, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


How Do Pedestrian Accident Happen?

Drivers cause pedestrian accidents in numerous ways including the following;

  • Texting while driving
  • Speeding
  • Eating while driving or other distracted driving
  • Failing to yield or stop at an intersection
  • Failing to look to make sure a crosswalk is clear before turning


In many pedestrian accidents, the driver shares at least part of the blame. Drivers have a duty to drive safely and avoid collisions even when pedestrians may be jaywalking or not following the law to the letter. Idaho is a comparative liability state which means that fault is divided proportionally. For example, if you were jaywalking across a quiet city street with a 30 M.P.H. speed limit and were struck by a driver coming around a corner at 60 M.P.H., that driver would likely be found mostly responsible for the accident.


What Can You Recover After A Pedestrian Accident?

The typical severity of injuries after a pedestrian accident means it’s even more important to make sure you receive full compensation for accident related expenses. These expenses may include some or all of the following:

  • Ambulance bills
  • Emergency medical care
  • Follow up medical treatment
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Lost wages
  • Compensation for disabilities

While you may be overwhelmed with medical bills as well as trying to pay your usual bills while out of work, it’s important to not accept a settlement offer too quickly after an accident. These settlement offers usually require that you give up the right to seek additional compensation. Therefore, you must be entirely sure that you will need no further medical treatment and will be able to fully return to work or that the extent of your injuries and future costs is fully known before you sign a settlement agreement.


How Can You Recover For A Pedestrian Accident?

To receive compensation, you will need to bring a claim against the responsible driver and their insurance company. At the same time, you will need to work with medical professionals to document your injuries and your current and projected costs. During this process, you must remember that you have an absolute right to reject or negotiate any offer from the insurance company until you are sure you are being fully compensated.

Litster Frost Injury Lawyers can guide you through the claims process and help you to review any offers. If the insurance company decides to treat you unfairly, our experienced trial attorneys will make sure you have your day in court. Throughout the process, there is no risk or obligation to you. We do not take a fee unless you recover. Schedule an appointment now to learn more and find out what you’re entitled to.