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We proudly represent those injured in trucking accidents in Idaho. With I-84, I-90, and I-15 seeing a great deal of commercial trucking traffic, truck accidents are on the rise.

After a big-rig accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. While no amount of money can heal the pain that you are facing, financial assistance can alleviate some of the financial burden caused by missed work and medical expenses. You don’t have to fight for justice alone—the Boise truck accident lawyers at Litster Frost are dedicated to working on your behalf to earn the compensation you deserve. We’ll take the burden of a personal injury lawsuit off your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s truly important—healing. Contact Litster Frost Injury Lawyers to help you start your healing journey.

Idaho has several interstates and highways crisscrossing its territory and when traveling these roads, accidents with trucks are always a risk. Truck accidents in Idaho are especially damaging due to the weight and construction of these vehicles.

You have full rights involving:

  • You have the right to full compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, other costs, and any long-term disabilities.
  • You have the right to have the insurance company honor their policy and pay covered claims.
  • You have the right to refuse any settlement offer by the insurance company unless you are fully satisfied with it.
  • You have the right to pursue legal action to recover any damages not covered by insurance.


Overworked Drivers

Studies have shown that 13 percent of all tractor-trailer collisions involve fatigued truck drivers. According to Steve Viscelli, economics sociologist of the University of Pennsylvania, truck drivers often must choose between productivity and safety, due to the way their compensation is structured. Facing demanding delivery schedules and being pressured to arrive early, tractor-trailer drivers often disregard regulations and end up driving while fatigued.

Unfamiliar Roads

Truck drivers are often unfamiliar with the routes they drive. While a native Idahoan likely knows certain blind corners and other hazards of Idaho’s roads, the average tractor-trailer driver is probably unaware of such dangers, and an accident can result. Work with our Boise truck accident attorneys to maximize your compensation.


If an accident occurs when a driver is speeding, the guilty party could be held liable for the other party’s injuries. For this reason, try to stick to the speed limit and drive safely.

Schedules & Deadlines

Truck drivers continue to face unreasonable delivery schedules, despite regulations that require a certain amount of rest time before driving and restrict hours which a driver can continuously operate a vehicle. Tractor-trailer drivers often disregard regulations in order to arrive at their destinations on schedule.

Misloaded Cargo

Tall and narrow tractor-trailers are already less stable due to the increased height at the center of gravity, but an overloaded tractor-trailer also has much more inertia. Thus, large loads must be packed properly. The company and truck driver are required to secure the cargo to prevent shifting. Vehicle stability and maneuverability may not be negatively affected by any shifting cargo.

Weather Conditions

Trucks are heavy and difficult to control, but the risk of an accident greatly increases in certain weather conditions. If a driver is forced to stop or to maneuver suddenly on a slippery road or when visibility is poor, a crash could result. Studies have shown weather conditions and limited visibility to be factors present in about 13 percent of truck accidents.

Hazardous Conditions

Mountain roads often pose a serious danger to drivers, while flash floods are another possible condition that can appear in Idaho. Poor road conditions can be a factor in Idaho truck accidents as well.

* While these are not the only types of accidents that a driver can face on the road, they are very common and often result in serious injury.



Truck Accidents vs Car Accidents

First, the sheer size of trucks plays a large role in the severity of truck accidents, as trucks weigh much more than the average vehicle—trucks are often towing cargo loads that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When this weight collides with another vehicle, even at low speeds, it’s easy to see how much damage can be caused.


Heavy State and Federal Regulations

This can complicate a personal injury suit since more laws are involved. However, our Boise truck accident attorneys can discuss your options, inform you of your rights, and help you get back on your feet.


Gather Evidence

Due to the myriad of factors involved in the accident, the numerous regulations regarding commercial truck travel, and the possibility of multiple at-fault parties, accidents can quickly get complicated.


Work With Our Firm

You deserve compensation for the injuries you sustained and the pain you are dealing with, and we’re here to help you get it. To speak to an experienced truck accident lawyer in Boise about your case—and to begin to move on with your life—call (208) 591-8828 or contact us through our website today.



File a Report

Never deal directly with the driver of the other vehicle in your accident, except to make sure that he or she is okay.

Whether emergency medical assistance is needed or not, the police should always be called after each accident, and a report should be filed.


Receive Medical Treatment

This can decrease your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries in a personal injury lawsuit.


Gather Detailed Documentation of Incident

When filing a truck accident claim, you should be as detailed as possible. Take pictures, video, witness statements, and file a report with the police.


File a Claim

It is crucial to take detailed note of what occured. Keep track of medical bills, prescription bills, therapy costs, and more. When you work with our truck accident attorneys, we will assist you in maximizing your compensation.


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