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Being involved in a car accident can feel like your worst nightmare. Knowing what to do immediately afterwards is key. This can make the difference between you getting the compensation you deserve, and wondering why you’re strapped with bills you shouldn’t have to pay.

Getting the right auto accident representation

In Nampa, car accidents happen every day. In 2014, there were seven fatal accidents in Nampa, with one attributed to a drunken driver, and one involving a pedestrian. Fast forward to 2015. Here are a few Idaho statistics during that time:

‣ There was a traffic accident occurring every 21.9 minutes
‣ A person was killed in a traffic crash every 40.6 hours
‣ A person was killed in an impaired driving crash every 4.2 days
‣ A person was injured in a traffic crash every 39.8 minutes

In September, several homes had to be evacuated when a car crashed into a house, causing a gas leak. In October, an 18-year-old teenager died and several others injured in a two-vehicle crash in Caldwell County, according to the Idaho State Police. Although these statistics may make you pause, the law office of Lister Frost can help. Our firm handles accidents that fall under the following categories:

‣ Speeding
‣ Tailgating
‣ Texting and driving
‣ Reckless driving
‣ Uninsured motorist
‣ Head-on collision
‣ Distracted driving
‣ Multiple vehicles

One of the most important things to remember – don’t panic. Take the steps to get safe, call the police, then call an attorney. You need representation from the very beginning to protect your interests.

Understanding the process

Once an accident occurs, there is a process to follow. Once you are safe, taking pictures and documenting everything you can is is a crucial step in building your case. If you are able to do this right after the accident, being able to gather evidence before the police or someone else taints the scene helps you. Make sure to get a police report, and all the information on the other party. If injuries are present, get medical attention even if you think you are feeling okay. Many injuries, aches and pains show up after a day or so.

You may receive a call from the insurance company within a day. They may even ask to come and take a look at your vehicle. You do not have to settle with them, especially if you or your passengers have injuries. Now is the time to seek legal representation. A personal injury attorney will be able to review the facts and act on your behalf. Your counsel will review the facts of the case, look at the evidence, speak with doctors and formulate a claim that is beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Imagine this — you are out of work because of an accident and cannot pay bills because there is no income. The insurance company is offering a settlement, even though you need consistent medical treatment. Ultimately, their goal is to protect their interests, not yours. Your ailments and injuries could last for months, but if you’ve agreed to a settlement, it will be very hard to go back and get compensation for something that was never addressed.

Injuries that can occur from a car accident

Car accidents can leave you in pain for a significant length of time. Surface wounds are visible, while internal injuries are not. We have helped individuals who experience a number of ailments, including:

‣ Whiplash
‣ Brain and Spinal injuries
‣ Concussions
‣ Internal bleeding
‣ Joint and back injuries
‣ Muscle sprains and spasms
‣ Seatbelt bruising
‣ Airbag burns
‣ Paralysis
‣ Broken bones

While these are just a few of the most common, they are very serious and need consistent medical attention. These ailments, with the exception of airbag burns are not immediately identifiable unless the person is immobile. These types of injuries are also known to form over time. A physician must evaluate, diagnose and recommend a plan for treatment. It is important to make sure both you and your passengers are properly taken care of. Their injuries may also need medical attention, which will be a significant factor in your case.

This takes time and most of all, money. It is easy to overlook the investment of time and energy needed to recover from a serious car accident when you’ve never been in one. First-hand experience is the best teacher.

Dealing with the insurance company

A personal injury attorney will ensure your claim does not get the runaround, and you will be able to maintain your quality of life while taking care of your basic needs. Our job is to prove negligence from the other driver and maintain your position as the injured party. We provide assistance in:

‣ Understanding the insurance coverage
‣ Identifying all defendants
‣ Gathering needed documentation
‣ Following up on your medical care
‣ Documenting your damages
‣ Building your case
‣ Presenting the best recommendations for moving forward

How long will my case take to settle?

Every case has different timelines based on the severity of the accident, and the injuries sustained. We come to resolutions based on current, and possibly future medical conditions. Treatment plans are usually completed unless there will be an extensive recovery period. A case can last for months based on these conditions.

You do not have to go through this difficult time alone. You have rights, and we work to ensure they are protected at all costs. We have the skills and expertise to get the compensation you deserve. A car accident can change the course of your life within seconds. We are ready and able to fight for you.

Lister Frost serves Nampa, Idaho and the surrounding areas. Car accidents are never a laughing matter and cost time and money, even for the simplest infractions. Make sure you are in the best position to deal with this issue and not be taken for granted. Call a team you can trust and depend on to get things done. For more information on car accidents in Nampa and the surrounding areas, contact an associate at the law firm of Lister Frost today.

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