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Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident that was not your fault? Knowing your rights and responsibilities can help bring justice to your suffering, and monetary compensation for your pain. The legal team at Lister Frost can help you obtain compensation for damages to yourself and those you love. You can also help avoid future calamity by understanding some of the causes and conditions most common in road accidents.

Conditions for Automobile, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

  • Road hazards, construction or defects – This is one of the most dangerous road conditions of all. Merging traffic, unfamiliar lane movement, and changing traffic flow can confuse drivers especially at night.
  • Driver negligence during lane change – Blind spots and constantly moving traffic is hazardous during lane changes. Check and double check for other traffic around you before you change lanes. Pay special attention to motorcyclists; they are often difficult to see. Look again before you move over!
  • Drivers tailgating motorcyclists – Motor bikes can stop much more quickly than automobiles; this can cause a major accident if the cyclist hits his or her brakes. Most people are not thinking about the traffic behind them. It is up to you to be cautious when following cars or motorcycles.
  • Driving Under Influence of drugs or alcohol – Anything which impairs judgment can be detrimental to traffic flow. Many people are forced to live each day on some sort of medication. Often, the only warning on the label is caution for drivers, and many of those people do not realize they may misjudging the road conditions and traffic around them. If you believe a fellow driver is driving erratically under the influence of alcohol or drugs, call an officer and report the danger. You can avoid many automobile, motorcycle and bicycle accidents by staying alert.
  • Failure to heed red or caution lights – Before crossing any intersection on a green light, quickly survey the opposite traffic. There may be a stray vehicle that did not observe the traffic light.
  • Speeding Faster than Posted Limits – Motorists who drive too fast for road conditions or traffic are a hazard to others. Be careful not to be one of those people who think they are entitled to drive faster than the law allows. Slowing down to the speed limit can save a life.
  • Simple Negligence – Sometimes people are distracted by children, animals, music, cell phones, or sunlight. While their absent-mindedness can result in pain and suffering for you or those you love, you can help avoid some accidents by paying attention to those around you.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a vehicle accident, be sure to call Lister Frost as soon as possible. We can help you make sure you do not jeopardize your legal rights to overall justice and relief from as much pain, suffering, and anxiety as possible.  There is no need for you to suffer without compensation. We can help you explore all legal options related to automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.