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Personal Injury / 11.05.2021

What Should You Do After a Hit-and-run Accident?

Idaho is one of the best and most peaceful places to reside. However, accidents do happen as you would expect of any city. Hit and run accidents have become increasingly popular in Idaho over the past few years, and it comes as no surprise.

Many frustrations come with hit-and-run accidents, as you often don’t know who takes liability for your damages. Even with insurance, you may have a hard time, especially when you cannot trace the other driver.

The Idaho Car Accident Lawyers can offer legal advice and help you get the compensation you need for any damages. This article highlights some of the steps you need to take after a hit and run car accident in Idaho. Read on for more.

Prioritize Safety

After a hit-and-run car accident, you need to make sure that every party involved is safe. If you or any of your passengers have sustained injuries, you should contact emergency medical services immediately.

Some of the injuries may not be obvious at the accident scene due to the adrenaline rush. You need to get checked by a medical professional in Idaho immediately to be on the safe side. Also, move your car away from the road to avoid inconveniencing other road users.

Collect Information About the Accident

After getting everyone to safety, you should collect as much information as possible about your accident. Write down every little detail you can remember about the accident. Include details such as: 

  • The other car’s model and the color
  • The direction of travel
  • The registration number, if you can recall

Don’t try to remember everything as you can easily forget. Writing the details down makes it hard to forget and gives you solid evidence for your attorney to work with.

Find Witnesses

If any other driver or passerby witnessed the accident as it unfolds, talk to them to find out how much they can remember about the accident and if they would be willing to record a statement. If any of them agrees, collect their contact information and advise them to hang around and talk to the police when they report to the accident scene.

Contact an Attorney

If you get into a hit-and-run accident, you need to talk to an auto accident lawyer in Idaho, especially if you get injured. Remember, filing a claim without the at-fault driver’s details can be a challenge. An experienced attorney can offer legal advice and help you analyze your options.

They will also use their resources and professional networks to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Since the laws regarding what you can recover vary from state to state, the best way to get as much as possible in Idaho is by working with an experienced lawyer who understands the local Idaho laws.

To summarize, lots of hit-and-run accidents happen every day on Idaho roads. If you end up in one, you need to prioritize safety before anything else. Also, gather details about the accident and find witnesses. You should also find an Idaho attorney as they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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