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Were you injured in an accident that was caused by the carelessness of someone else? Would you like to pursue collecting damages from the responsible party but fear that your attempts will be unsuccessful and leave you with substantial legal fees? If you are seeking the assistance of attorneys who will aggressively fight for your rights and will only collect a fee if your case is successful, then you should give the experts at Litster Frost Injury Lawyers PLLC a call.

Our law firm in Boise, Idaho focuses on representing clients in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. Our record speaks for itself. Over 95 percent of the cases we take on are settled without a trial.

Our cases include:

We also represent clients who have been the victims of paralysis, burns, disfigurement, and dog bites. We will maintain an open line of communication throughout your case, will keep you informed of all developments, and will thoroughly discuss all of your options.

Pursuing Collecting Damages with a Personal Injury Attorney

People fear filing a lawsuit for two major reasons: they do not have an idea of the costs nor do they know how much the case will be worth. Every case is different depending on the type of injury and the liability of both parties. 

That is why an Idaho Personal Injury Lawyer is there to help walk with you every step when you file a lawsuit and pursue collecting damages. Schedule an appointment today to know whether you have a case. Remember, consultation is free.

The injury

The very first instance to occur is an injury of the plaintiff. Personal injury cases may involve a bicycle, motorbike, car accident, or slip-and-fall accident. The plaintiff must be injured to have a case before looking at the liability of both parties.

It is advised that plaintiffs hire attorneys to work with as early as this stage. This will avoid being taken advantage of by insurance adjusters and the defendant. The attorney will also handle all negotiations and investigations from this point onwards. If the plaintiff has a case, they will sign a fee agreement, and the case will begin.

Filing a complaint

The plaintiff’s attorney then files a complaint and serves it to the defendant. This is usually a formal document that includes the details of the injury, including how they were injured and what the defendant did that is against the expected standard of care.

Serving the defendant means physically locating them and handing them the complaint. It must be done in a way that can be verified in the future so that the defendant is aware of the claim. Mostly, this is done within one month. The papers also include the official date of appearing in court.

The defendant finds an attorney

After reading the complaint and the date to report in court, it is now the defendant’s responsibility to find themselves a lawyer. If they have an insurance policy, the process will be smooth for them.

If the defendant is insured, they will notify the responsible insurance company who will handle the rest of the case. This includes hiring and paying the attorney.

Pretrial stage

This is a simple process where both parties enquire about the evidence and witness of the other. They can choose to agree to arbitration or mediation at this stage or proceed to the trial. The court may choose to throw away the case if the plaintiff’s chances are almost impossible.

The lawsuit

The plaintiff has the main duty of proving negligence to win the case. They must also state the damage they seek compensation for. After winning the case, the losing defendant is legally required to pay for all damages.

Benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer

As discussed above, the process can be challenging to go through by yourself. Remember, insurance companies have an objective of making profits. Therefore, they will avoid paying the full claim or paying the claim at all. 

Experienced attorneys at Litster Frost Injury Attorneys are dedicated to investigating your case and handling everything until you are compensated. Schedule a consultation today or call the offices at (208) 333-3333.

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